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Top 5 Scenic Golfing Paradise in India

Top 5 Scenic Golfing Paradise in India

Once regarded as the only prerogative of the few English officers, Golf in India is gradually gaining prominence as a national sport. With the inclusion of golf within the Indian sports almost all the regions of the state are teemed with modern golf courses. India now offers incredible opportunities for golf lovers. The golf opportunities of these places now bound the cities visitors for making a cool and meaningful drive to some of the scenic and renowned golf courses in India. Shillong, Srinagar, Ooty and Kodaikanal are majestically accountable for having a golf tour to India. In a nutshell, Golfing courses in India could well expose you to the diverse flavors of this incredible nation.

Following are the Top 5 Scenic Golfing Paradise in India

  • Shillong Golf Club

Shillong golf club was developed during the colonial times of the 19th century. Considered to the first 18 hole Golf Course in India, the shillong Golf Club is sometimes compared with the “Glen-eagle Course” in the United States because of its beauty and unique location. The course has been curved out from dense pine forests giving it a natural beauty. The highest point on the course is 4,750 feet above sea level. This golf course is often visited by tourists for its enormous panoramic view that it presents of the Shillong city against the backdrop of snow-covered Himalayan ranges.

  • Royal Springs Golf Course, Srinagar

Carved out from forests within the backdrop of Zabarvan Mountains under Chashma- Shahi, the royal springs, Royal Springs Golf Course is the most scenic Golf Course created in a natural environment. A visit to the Royal Springs Golf Course, whether during the day or night, is a wonderful experience for both the golf lovers and the nature lovers. The Golf course has been laid along the avenue which runs on the banks of the Dal Lake.

  • Gulmarg Golf Course

Designated as one of the highest green golf course in the world, Gulmarg golf course was established in the early days of the British rule by Sir Neville Chamberlain. Since then Gulmarg Golf Club has attracted golfers for almost a century. Located amidst a lush green forest covered with a variety of alpine flowers and crossed by snow fed rivers and rivulets; with the gentle undulating slopes carpeted with a natural mossy turf and a pleasant weather makes Gulmarg Golf Course a real golfing paradise in India.

  • Kodaikanal Golf Club

Nestled at a height of 7000ft. above sea level, Kodaikanal in the Palani hills is not only an ideal destination for honeymooners but also abode of one of the most scenic courses in India and across the world. Founded in 1895, this golf course is one of the oldest golfing grounds in India. The 18 hole course with cool breezes blowing off the cliff face is indeed a golfer’s delight. The place is also familiar for spotting Eagles, white-stockinged Bison, Barking Deer and many other Indian fauna.

  • Ootacamund Golf Course, Ooty

Located in the beautiful Nilgiris Hills, the Ooty or Ootacamund Golf Course is known to be the finest natural golf course in India and across the world. Nestled at an altitude of 7,600 feet, this Ootacamund Golf Course is a century old golf course in India. This thickly wooded course along with the mesmerizing view across the panoramic hill ranges houses several Eucalyptus, Fir, Oak and Rhododendron trees.