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Top 5 Most Haunted and Spookiest Places in Kolkata

Top 5 Most Haunted and Spookiest Places in Kolkata

West Bengal is a very important state of Indian Sub-continent. It is located on the east and the capital city is Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta). It is a popular tourist destination in India with an array of historic places to visit. The colonial architecture of the city attracts various visitors from all parts of the globe. Some of the buildings and monuments here are century old and are the hot spots of the metro city. However Kolkata is also famous for the black magic stories and some of the haunted places which are a popular tourist spot as well.

Following is a list of Top 5 Most Haunted and Spookiest Places in Kolkata which happen to be famous tourist spots also:

  • Writer’s Building Kolkata

    The writer here doesn’t mean the literary personalities, it used to be the junior servants (the clerical and administrative staff) residing in the building. So, it was named Writer’s Building. Today it is the secretariat building of the State Government of West Bengal. It is a massive red color building situated at the BBD square of Kolkata which is the heart of the city. There are various gigantic rooms in the building vacant from years suspected to be haunted. Various stories claim that these unoccupied / vacant rooms are spooky and ghosts dwell in here. none of the officials in the building stays here after dusk. the nearby vendors have reported sounds of someone crying late at night.

  • South Park Street Cemetery

    Today, The South Park Street Cemetery is one of the famous tourist spots in Kolkata, The tall lush green trees, century old tombs and peaceful surrounding attracts various tourists and locales as well. Most of the graves here belong to British Soldiers. The cemetery is one of the oldest burial grounds of the city. It was constructed in 1767 and now believed to be haunted. The reports of the cemetery being haunted and spooky are not in numbers, but there are a few who claim to have experienced something unusual after visiting the place. One report says that while visiting the place a group of friends clicked pictures and later they found a weird shadow shaped like a fist in front of the lens. Soon the weird things started happening with each of them, the one who clicked the picture had an asthma attack and surprisingly he wasn’t and isn’t asthma patient and the other had sever dizziness etc.

  • Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

    Formerly known as Dhakuria Lake, Rabindra Sarovar is a popular spot in Kolkata. It is an artificial lake in South Kolkata. The nearby metro station is one of the busy spot in Kolkata. It is said that many people have committed suicide at this station and thus is a haunted place. The people who board the last train have some weird experiences and people have reported ghastly shadows of figures during late evenings and late night.

  • Hastings House, Alipore

    Hastings house is a small part of Belvedere Estate. The Belvedere Estate was one of the oldest establishments in Alipore. Governor General Warren Hastings built Hasting House for himself and then it became the Governor’s residence until the Government House came up later. Today, its a Women’s College of Calcutta University. the students here have reported different incidents that are spooky. Some say they have seen a man riding a horse entering the campus and searching some documents. They believe it to be Warren Hastings himself. Others have reported about the spirit of a boy who died here while playing football, since then no one plays here. One girl has reported of a woman who was possessed.

  • The National Library

    The National Library also lies in Belvedere Estate premise. The National Library is known for its rare collection of books. Few people who are a regular visitor here have reported some eerie stories about the building. They have heard the sounds of foot steps and believe that it is the Governor’s wife who has haunted this place. The new construction beside the building also have some spooky trails reported by people working there. During the construction, few workers met with some sever accident and died on the spot. It is believed that their spirits linger around that area.


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