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Top 5 Indian Brands of Beer

Top 5 Indian Brands of Beer

Top 5 Indian Brands of Beer

Beer Industry in India is booming year by year. Beer in India was introduced way back during pre-independence. The first brewery in India was set up by Britishers and was also the first in Asia and was named Lion. Since then, beer has acquired an important position in India’s hard drink segment. Today, some of these Indian breweries are listed in world’s best and finest breweries for their quality beer brands.

Top 5 Indian Brands of Beer :

Kings :

We can refer Kings beer as a Goan delight, because it is brewed and sold in Goa only. If described, a Kings beer has a smoky malt aroma, pale color and a mild taste. The alcohol content is 4.8 percent.

Kalyani Black Label :

Kalyani Black Label is one of the oldest beer brands in India. It is also a UB Group product popular in eastern India. Considered best for beginners the alcohol content of the beer is 7.8 percent. Ranging from mild to strong, the beer is known for the variety of flavors.

Haywards :

Apart from all the Haywards beer, Haywards 5000 is the most popular beer brand in India. It has a little stronger taste and alcohol content is 7%. Launched in 1983, Hayward’s 5000 lager is synonymous with strong beer in India. Haywards 5000 is India’s largest selling strong beer brand, which perfectly combines strength with quality credentials that meet the high expectations of today‚Äôs demanding consumers.

Kingfisher :

Kingfisher is one of the most popular product coming from United Breweries Group (popularly known as UB Group). It is believed that one out of every three bottles sold in the market is Kingfisher. UB group has an edge over other breweries in India as they use imported ingredients and offer an array of flavors and variety.

Royal Challenge :

The second largest selling beer brand in India is Royal Challenge Premium. It is a smooth beer known for its mild taste and is famous in states like, Andhra Pradesh, U.P. and Orissa. RC has a rich aroma & golden honey color. This beer has made a specific places in the Indian Beer industry under mild segment.


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