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Top 5 Forts of India

Top 5 Forts of India1

The gigantic forts of India are the traces of rich heritage sagas. Some built to protect and some to rule. These forts of India were the huge structures built to house the military equipments and soldiers of the great kingdoms. Some were Jal durg (surrounded by water), some were Giri durgs (Hill Forts and fortresses), some were Vana durg (surrounded on all sides with a dense, impassable forest) and some were Dhanu durg (desert fortresses).  India is country with rich history and is one of the most ancient living civilizations in the world. Many kings and dynasties ruled India for a long time and believed in royal living. The historic monuments today speak about the royal living style of Kings of bye-gone era. The marks of luxury and royalty in history are now fabulous historic sites in India. These sites include Forts, Palaces and monuments that still stand tall and reflect the glorious past India had.

Following are the top 5 Forts of India

Red fort of India:

The most Popular of all the forts in India is the Red Fort, called as Lal Qila. The fort is located in Delhi and is one of the famous historic sites. Shah Jahan built it in 1639 and was declared UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 2007. Today it is among the top tourist destinations in India. The architecture of the fort is inspired by Islamic architecture and is built in octagon shape walls covering a perimeter of 2.41km. It took nine long years to construct such a huge structure.

The Gwalior Fort:

Babur, one of the famous Mughal emperor, once described Gwalior Fort as ‘the pearl in the necklace of the castles of Hind’. In medieval era, Gwalior Fort was a magnificent structure every king and ruler dream to possess. Many poets and historians have described its glory in their literature and many continue to do so. The control and possession of Gwalior fort has gone through many hands since its establishment. At the time of independence, it was owned by Scindhia dynasty. A perfect blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture is beautifully characterized in the construction of this great monument and one of the most well maintained Fort in India.

Jaisalmer Fort:

One of the finest and well-maintained forts in India is the Jaisalmer Fort in Thar Desert in the State of Rajasthan. We can say that Rajasthan is the fort capital of India, if we look at the total number of forts in the country. The forts of Rajasthan are in very good condition and are the prime tourist locations for people visiting India and Rajasthan. The massive yellow sandstone structure is tawny lion color during the day and turns honey-gold as the sun sets. This transition of color camouflages the fort making it appear a part of the great That desert which is why it is also known as the Golden Fort.

Golconda Fort:

Located about 11 kms away on the outskirts of Hyderabad city is the Golconda Fort. It was the head quarter and whole of the Deccan was controlled from here. The Fort is located on a granite hill at a height of 120 meters. The existing structure was built by Qutub Shahi Kings and was renovated by first three Qutub Shahi Kings over a span of 62 years. This majestic structure has beautiful palaces and an ingenious water supply system. According to a legend, a shepherd boy found an idol on the rocky hill called ‘Mangalavaram’. This news reached the Kakatiya king, who was then ruling Golconda. He ordered the construction of a mud fort around the holy spot. Later, the Qutub Shahi kings constructed a huge structure made of granite and expanded the fort area.

Amber Fort:

Another magnificent fort that reflects the rich historic past and glory of India is the Amber Fort in Rajasthan. The fort speaks about the rich, royal and luxurious lifestyle of our great Rajput emperors. Built in 16 the century by Raja Man Singh, the fort seems to grow out of the rugged hills with its mighty gates, temples, huge ornate halls, palaces, pavilions, gardens and even a ramp that takes you to the hilltop palace! Beautifully- caparisoned elephants go up and down carrying visitors to and fro making it a fascinating experience you cannot miss if you’re in Rajasthan. The fort is located 11 kms from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.


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