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Top 5 Best Light and Sound Shows in India

Top 5 Best Light and Sound Shows in India

Incredible India welcomes you to spend a magical evening with its past through a dramatic interplay of sound and light effects. Taking you back in time to the legendary past of Indian culture, the light and sound shows narrates famous incidents from the past giving you a hint of the then times, culture, lifestyle and legacy. Do not miss this Son et lumière or a sound and light show, a kind of nighttime entertainment presented in the venue of historical significance, narrating the saga of the past, while on a tour to this heritage land of India. Let’s have a look at the best light and sound shows in India and its presentation at some of the ancient historical heritage.

Following are the Top 5 Best Light and Sound Shows in India

  • Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

At Victoria Memorial Hall, situated in the state of West Bengal, Kolkata, light and sound show or son-et-lumiere is held every day in the evenings. This is a permanent special event where thousand of tourist both domestic and international flock together to have a glimpse of this enchanting blend of music and sound. The show titled as Pride & Glory – the Story of Calcutta, is held both in English and Bengali and depicts Kolkata’s past and present and its unique cultural heritage. The show was designed as a joint venture with Bengal Chamber of Commerce.

  • City Palace, Udaipur

The city palace of Udaipur holds a light and sound show in the evening that brings alive the history of Mewar and Udaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Every evening, the grounds of the magnificent Manek Chowk inside City Palace, Udaipur, holds the sound and light show that narrates the history of Mewar from the days of its founding father Bappa Rawal to time of establishment of Udaipur in the 16th century. The shows run for 1 hour in both English and Hindi.

  • Lal Quila, Delhi

The Son et Lumiere or the Light and sound Show at Red Fort in Delhi is supposedly the first initiative of its kind in the Asian continent which can be traced back to 1965. The show is held in both English and Hindi language and there is separate ticket for light and sound show. This show animates the Mughal era in an amazing way. Elephant roar, lively sound of horse tap and animated conversation of emperor in flashy lights is something you cannot miss. The waters of Yamuna, the Meena Bazaar, all comes real with the attractive audio visual.

  • Gwalior Fort, Gwalior

Situated about 3 km north of the Gwalior city, on top of a hill, The Fort of Gwalior has remained quite for long in silence. Now every night, famous incidents are re-enacted in a sound and light show. The Light and Sound show takes place at the Man Mandir Palace of Gwalior Fort to the left of the Elephant Gate as you enter the fort. The show takes you to the glorious past that brings the legend of Gwalior to life. Two shows take place, in English and Hindi. The narration is by Amitabh Bachchan with Ravishankar’s Sitar tunes add to the attraction.

  • Cellular Jail, Port Blair

The saga of the heroic freedom struggle is brought alive in a moving Sound & Light show at the Cellular Jail in Port Blair. It take you to the era of the then times when the jail was a silent witness to the tortures meted out to the freedom fighters imprisoned in this jail. The show is conducted every evening in the cellular jail premises, narrating the happenings in the jail prior to the independence. This 1 hour light and sound show is remarkable for its sheer evocative power.