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Top 10 Kerala Backwaters Destinations

Kerala Backwaters – Backwaters in Kerala is a unique web of 900 kms of interconnected waterways that include lakes, lagoons, canals and rivers – are an integral part of Tourism in Kerala.  These waterways connect various cities, which are actually the start and end points of these backwaters. A Journey through the curving and winding backwaters of Kerala is an experience of returning to nature. It takes you through a mixture of historic and modern towns and scenic holiday getaways. Now-a-days Kerala backwater tourism is something special and Kerala Houseboats go a long way in actualizing the many backwater oriented tourism possibilities. Holidaying in Kerala houseboats have become very popular in the Kerala backwaters and provide an extremely soothing experience to cherish life long.

  • Kasarkod Backwaters:

The northernmost district of Kerala, Kassarkod is situated on the sea coast with the Western Chats on its east and northern borders. Backwater trips on the Chandragiri River and at Valiyaparamba are fascinating experiences. On the seacoast the backwater destination of Kassarkod offers mesmerizing trips to the enchanting Chandragiri and the vivacious Valiyaparamba. Situated on the Chandragiri river the former is renowned for the chain of forts. The latter provides the best breathtaking views of the backwaters. The boat cruises to and from Kassarkod will never fail to enchant you. On your backwater tour you must check out the well-preserved Bekal Fort. The Pallikere and the Kappil beach at Kassarkod are excellent spots for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Kozhikode (Calicut) Backwaters:

Unexplored and unspoiled are the backwaters of Kozhikode, which holds great promises of enchanting holiday options. Elathur, the canal and the River Kallai are favorite haunts for boating. Kadalundi, with its beautiful bird sanctuary is a charming site. Korapuzha, the venue of the Korapuzha Jalotsavam is fast becoming a popular water sport destination.

  • Kochi (Cochin) Backwaters :

Kochi (Cochin) – Queen of the Arabian Sea: Kochi is group of islands on Lake Vembanad, which opens out into the Arabian Sea. Some of the islands are Bolgatty, Vyppin, Gundu and Vallarpadam. conducted cruise through the winding waterways will take you to several quaint spots. The Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and the British have all left their mark here. The Jewish synagogue, the Dutch palace, the Chinese fishing nets, and other remnants of European and Asian architecture merge smoothly into the traditional fabric of the seaport city.

  • Thiruvallam Backwaters

Thiruvallam is located about 6 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. This serene backwater stretch, enroute to Kovalam, is famous for its canoe rides. It is the meeting point of two rivers-Killi and Karamana.

  • Kollam Backwaters:

Located 71 km to the north of Thiruvananthapuram, this historic coastline district known for its marine and cashew industries was one of the oldest ports on the Malabar coast and a major international trading point in days gone by. A picturesque town standing on the banks of the Lake Ashtamudi is the gateway to the exceeding beautiful backwaters of Kerala. The long 8 hrs boat trip from Kollam to Alleppey is the best and most comprehensive introduction to the delights of Kerala’s backwaters as one passes through lakes, canals water-bound villages. The famous “Cheenavala” or Chinese fishing nets can also be seen along the backwaters.

  • Kumarakom Backwaters:

Kumarakom is situated 15 km from Kottayam on the Vembanad lake (one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia) is best described as a picturesque clean village like most places in Kerala. The enchanting backwater destination of Kumarakom is a small village in Kottayam. Kumarakom is a cluster of little islands on the Vembanad Lake in Kerala. The bird sanctuary here spread across 14 acres of any ornithologist’s paradise. This enchanting backwater destination offers visitors many leisure options. From wandering into the depths of its wildlife sanctuary to cruising down the backwaters and fishing, Kumarakom is perfect for a lazy and laid back holiday.

  • Kottayam Backwaters:

Kottayam is a land of unique characteristics, bordered by the lofty Western Chats on the east, the Vembanad Lake and the paddy fields of Kuttanad on the west. Panoramic backwater stretches, lush paddy fields, highlands, extensive rubber plantations and a totally literate people have given this district the title: the land of letters, latex and lakes.

  • Kuttanad Backwaters:

This bewildering labyrinth of shimmering waterways composed of lakes, canals, rivers and rivulets is lined with dense tropical greenery and preserves Kerala lifestyles that are completely hidden by road. It is called the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Kerala, because of the wealth of paddy crops at the very heart of the backwaters. Yams and cassava accompany the rice bowl as “side dishes”. This is the one of the only places in the world where farming is done below sea level (1.5 – 2 meters below sea level).

  • Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum ) Backwaters:

A long shoreline, with secluded, internationally renowned beaches, historic monuments, backwater stretches and a rich cultural heritage give this district some of the most enchanting picnic spots. The main backwater areas of Thiruvananthapuram are Thiruvallam and Veli. Veli Tourist Village is located about 8 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. The Veli Tourist Village is bordered by the Veli lagoon and the Arabian sea. The lagoon here is separated from the sea by a narrow sand bar.

  • Alappuzaha (Alleppey) Backwaters:

Alleppey often referred to as ‘Venice of the East’, figures prominently on the tourist trail as one of the major centers for backwater boat trips, served by ferries to Quilon and Kottayam in particular. Palm fringed narrow canals winding through the vast expanse of paddy fields and the neat tiny hamlets lined up along either sides of the canals are sights one can never forget.


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