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Thommankuthu Waterfall – A Seven Step Waterfall

Thommankuthu waterfall

If you are a nature lover plus an adventure lover than Thommankuthu waterfall is a place you must visit. The waterfall is a beautiful seven-step waterfall offering pleasant weather. The cascade waterfall is located 20 km away from Thodupuzha, one of the major towns in Idukki district of Kerala and 74 kms from Cochin. Thommankuthu is an eco-tourism project run by Government of Kerala in cooperation with the Forest Department of Kerala.

How to reach Thommankuthu:

  • By Rail

    Ernakulam, about 58 km away from Thodupuzha and at a distance of 60 km is the Kochi and Kottayam railway station.

  • By Air

    Cochin International Airport, about 70 km from Thodopuzha.

  • By road

    20kms from Thodupuzha by Munnar-Thommankuthu bus.

Best time to visit Thommankuthu

June to October i.e. from start till end of Monsoon.

As there are no staying options in the Thommankuthu valley, one has to stay at Thodupuzha. Thodupuzha is the nearest place where you’ll find decent hotels, lodges and guest houses. The food available here is delicious and authentic Kerala cuisine.

The seven step water falls that drop down a rock from a height of 1500 meters is a popular and favorite picnic spot. Each cascade has its own pool which is an attractive feature of the fall. Tourists interested in adventure travel can seek a 12km long trek to reach the Thommankuthu waterfall.

A visit at the waterfall is the time spent in nature’s lap and gives an experience to savor the beauty of forests and streams. The place is apt for mountain climbing and trekking. For locales it is a perfect picnic spot to enjoy a day with friends and family.

The other activities which attract tourists to this beautiful destination are boating in the lake, Fishing and horse riding in pleasant valley of Thommankuthu waterfall.
Thommankuthu waterfall is gradually becoming a famous tourist destination in Idukki. Idukki is one of the Kerala’s most nature-rich districts and can be called the Spice Land of Kerala.

Note: Tourist entry restricted from 10am to 6pm regulated with entry pass at a negligible cost. With special permission from the Forest Department and accompanied by a Forest Guard you can go 14km up the mountain and visit the tribal village in the forest area.