By now, we all have come to know a lot about Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia relationship. Thanks to all New channels, TV presenters and journalists. The long coverage on Rjesh Khanna in past couple of days have highlighted some of the very less known facts about their relationships. If, by chance, you missed these Myths & Realities of Rajesh – Dimple Relationship, here it is…

1. Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia met after she broke up with her teen-age boyfriend Rishi Kapoor. Dimple Kapadia and Rishi Kapoor became friend while filming Bobby. She did not leave Rishi Kapoor for Rajesh Khanna. But yes, Rajesh Khanna swept off her feet by his charm. Rajesh Khanna always had a fascination for Raj Kapoor’s heroines. So when he got the attention

2. Dimple Kapadia was 15 years younger to Rajesh Khanna when they married. The ceremony took place at her father Chunnibhai Kapadia’s family bungalow in Juhu, in March 1973.

3. The grand marriage reception of India’s first superstar was held at Hotel Horizon, Juhu, Mumbai. Bollywood’s who’s who attended the reception.

4. Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia had to postpone their honeymoon because it was still three months to complete her debut film ‘Bobby’.

5. While shooting for a song (after marriage) in Bobby , Dimple had to cover her hands to hide her bridal mehendi.

6. The Romance King Rajesh Khanna and the Teen age beauty Dimple Kapadia were not alone on their Honeymoon in Europe. They were accompanied by film producer Raj Bathija and wife Nirmal, and Baldev Pathak (father of actresses Ratna and Supriya Pathak).

7. Rajesh Khanna celebrated wife’s 16 birthday in Hilton Hotel where, he threw a grand party and invited various bollywood celebrities. The newly wedded couple Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri (who married the same year) were also the part of the celebration as they were in London for their honeymoon.

8. Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia were both very romantic people and referred each other with nicknames ‘Dimpy and Kaka’.

9. Their marriage could not survive for more than 10 years, but they never got divorced.

10. Dimple left Bollywood to raise her two children as she wanted to raise her kids and ‘career was always secondary to her. However, it is believed that Dimple Kapadia was forced by Rajesh Khanna to retire from the Film industry, which she quietly agreed to.

11. After separation Dimple once remarked, “The life and happiness in our house came to an end the day I and Rajesh got married.”

12. Dimple Kapadia when asked about whether she would want to marry again, she replied -“I’m very happy and content. Why do I need to get married again? Once was more than enough.”

13. The unsuccessful days of Rajesh Khanna’s life made him a short tempered and angered man with whom Dimple was not able to cope up with.

14. The biggest reason of their separation was Rajesh Khanna’s alcoholism and his obsession with power.

15. After many years of separation Rajesh Khanna had said, “You know what? I still love my wife, Dimple.” Dimple Kapadia¬† said “He is the father of my children and a very integral part of my life. He can never be unimportant.”

16. Before marrying Dimple, Rajesh Khanna was in seven years of Live-in relationship with aspiring actress and fashion designer Anju Mahendru.

17. Prior to Anju Mahendru he was reportedly in relationship with Devyani Chaubal a journalist and columnist in ‘Star and Style’ film magazine.

18. The tag ‘Superstar’ was introduced by Devyani Chaubal for Rajesh Khanna.

19. Devyani Chaubal is credited for starting the career of Rajesh Khanna.

20. After separation Rajesh Khanna was involved in a relationship with Tina Munim. However, he did not marry her thinking that it might ruin his image and popularity. Moreover, it would leave a bad impact on her daughters.