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The Top 5 Secret Beaches of India

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If you ask someone about the best Beaches of India you’ll for sure hear of the most popular beaches of Goa like Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach, Colva Beach or even the Marina Beach, Chennai or Kovalam Beach in Kerala. But has anyone given a thought that are they really the best in India? There are various un-explored and lesser known beaches in India which are equally beautiful and exotic. They are much clean then the other famous beaches of India.

For many the attracting features are crowd, hip and happening place, adventure sports, beach parties, food, people etc. But to me the best beach would be a place with secluded palm-fringed beaches with pristine golden sand, clear blue waters, beautiful sunset, no crowd, no rubbish thrown around, without a hoard of vendors following you around…..just you the sand and the mighty ocean.

Well let’s have a look at such beaches listed below and these beaches are apt for some secret escapes away from the crowd, hustle & bustle of the city life. I would love to call these beaches “The Top 5 Secret Beaches of India”

Varkala Beach, Kerala

The Kerala Beaches may take a backseat because of the backwaters as the main tourist attraction, but the true fact about the Kerala beaches is that, the entire 900Km stretch of Kerala Cost is lined with sandy beaches, beautiful rock formations and coconut palms swaying on the ocean and these key features definitely merit a visit. The Kerala beaches are renowned for the gentle surf and blue waters….and that’s exactly how Varkala Beach is.
Varkala beach is among the most popular beach resorts in Kerala , mainly because of the mineral water springs with medicinal properties that gush out of the high cliffs bordering the beach. It’s not a very secluded beach It is the best spot along Kerala coast for watching sunset. The sight of the sun melting into the sea would blossom your poetic sense.

Getting There :
Varkala is 51 kms (approx. 32 miles) north of Thiruvananthapuram. It’s an important hub and is easily accessible by road or Rail.

Benaulim Beach, Goa

The highlights of any travel to Goa are its beaches. These Beaches make Goa the Prime Holiday destination in India. Those who love surf, sand and Sun, Goa is the best beach destination for them. Apart from the busy and crowdy beaches of Goa, there are a few lonely and quite beaches for those who just want to enjoy and relax and rejuvenate. Goa’s 100-km long coastline gives an enthusiastic beach lover an opportunity to discover new secluded beach sites every day. One of which is Benaulim.
Named as Benaulim by the Portuguese, lies in the center of Colva Beach, 7-km west of Margao in South Goa. Benaulim is a quiet and pleasant beach lying at the end of Colva beach. The Benaulim beach is still undiscovered by the domestic tourists who further add to its charm. Being a fishing beach, it gets fairly crowded in the evenings and on weekends. Moreover, the sea is safe for swimming and being generally jellyfish-free. Further South of benaulim you can find the soft white sands, the black lava rocks of the Cavelossim Beach which is equally secluded and stunning.

Getting There :
7-km west of Margao (South Goa). Just 2km away from the famous Colva Beach.

Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

The Lakshadweep Island is a group of 36 coral islands and is about 450 kms away from the western coast of Kerala and is a part of the Maldivian Archipelago. These islands are small and flat and hardly 4-5 m. above the sea level. Lakshadweep is the smallest UT of India. Out of 36 coral islands of Lakshadweep only 10 islands are inhabited. These islands in the Indian Ocean are surrounded by lagoons, tall coconut trees, and crystal clear blue water. The coral formations underwater form an amazingly colorful garden and the variety of fish that inhabit these waters is truly exotic. It is a great tourist destination for Divers. A vibe that is both ancient and mellow prevails over these islands… a vibe that begs visitors from outside to slow down and soak in the marvelous beauty that the islands offer.
Agatti has one of the most beautiful lagoons in Lakshadweep. The Agatti Beaches are breath-taking with pristine white sands and an aquamarine blue lagoon. The airport is built on this island. From the aircraft, as you approach for a landing, you get a breath-taking view of the airstrip on the island.

Getting There :
Agatti Aerodrome on Agatti Island is currently the only airport in Lakshadweep. Indian Airlines, the state owned carrier, serves Agatti and flies to Kochi on the mainland. Kingfisher Airlines has also started flight to Agatti recently. Kingfisher connects Kochi and Bangalore to Agatti. The other islands are linked by a helicopter or boat service.

Malpe beach & St. Mary’s Island, Udupi, Karnataka

At the mouth of the Malpe River, about 6 kms from Udupi in Karnataka is the natural harbor of Malpe, an important fishing centre that enriches Karnataka’s coastline with its fabulous beach. The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees, clear blue sky and the gentle murmur of the sea set the perfect mood for an idyllic holiday.
St Mary’s island is a little slip of land about 30 minutes out into the sea from Malpe Beach in Udupi. The island is full of crystallized basalt rock, a unique rock formation found in very few places in the world, the most notable being the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. And, the sea between the island and the long curve of the beach at Malpe is placid and gentle.

Getting There :

  • The nearest railhead is Udupi, which is about 4 km from Malpe
  • The nearest airport is Bajpe, Mangalore which is about 60 km from Malpe

The only way of getting to St. Mary’s islands is by boat. Regular boats ply from the Malpe Harbour to these islands. The frequency of these boats may vary depending on the amount of tourists available.

Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock

The Located in the Bay of Bengal about 900km from India, The Andaman & Nicobar Islands have some of the Best and picturesque Beaches. The coastal areas of these islands are still untouched and unspoilt, making it an ideal beach holiday destination.
Radha Nagar Beach also known as Beach No.7 on Havelock in the Andamans has been described as one of the Best Beaches you can get to in the World by Time Magazine. This Beach is one of the few undiscovered gems that have escaped the clutches of mass tourism and untouched by commercialism and modern intrusions.

Getting there :
The quickest and most convenient way to get to the Andamans is to fly. Air Deccan, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Jet Lite (formerly Air Sahara), Spice Jet and Kingfisher all have daily regular flights to Port Blair from Calcutta & Chennai. Alternatively, you can choose to travel by ship – which takes 60-72 hours and is only for the tough.

To get to Havelock from Port Blair, you have to take the ferry departing from the Phoenix Bay jetty. There are 2 departures daily – a daily boat at 0630 hrs, and a second boat at 1400 hrs.