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The Legendary Sports Car : Mercedes Benz SL-500

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Mercedes-Benz SL-500 offers an irresistible sporting experience. The New SL-Class Roadster is the first Mercedes to be equipped with SENSOTRONIC BRAKE CONTROL (SBC). This electro hydraulic braking system achieves an even more dynamic braking feel, with impressive deceleration. In emergency braking, SBC reduces the car’s stopping distance. It also enhances safety when braking during cornering, by optimizing the brake force distribution between the wheels.

Mille Miglia, Le Mans, Carrera Panamericana – illustrious names with one thing in common: the 300 SL enjoyed success in all these races during the 1950s. But that was just the start. Since then every SL has won a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts and become the epitome of the dream car.

Perfection redefined once again

From the SL 350 to the world’s most powerful production roadster, the SL 65 AMG, the entire generation of the SL Class inspires nothing less than pure excitement. The front of the roadster itself radiates utter power and agility. This impression is further enhanced inside and out with the sports package, available immediately. All this is combined, in trademark Mercedes Benz style, with supreme elegance. Refined materials give the interior an exclusive ambiance which can hardly be equaled.

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