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The Exceptional Pune Warriors Cheer Leaders

The Exceptional Pune Warriors Cheer Leaders

Pune Warriors India, earlier named as Sahara Pune Warriors is the newest team in the IPL squad along with Kochi Tuskers. The team made a debut in IPL season four started in April 2011. It was a 51 day long season where 10 teams participated in the twenty twenty cricket tournament. The governing body of IPL i.e. BCCI made various changes in this tournament, which were not there in previous three tournaments. Here each team played 14 matches and the top four teams would qualify for the semi-finals. In this tournament we saw various surprise elements that shook all cricket fans. First shock was, Dada (Sourabh Ganguly) was amongst unsold players with various others and the other was that none of the franchises bid for Pakistani Cricketers.

All eyes were on Pune Warriors as it was the highest bid by any company in the short history of IPL. The bid amounted to $370 millions. On March 22nd, 2010 Sahara group (Sahara Adventure Sports Limited) bought Pune IPL team for Rs. 1,702 crore winning against The Videocon Group.

IPL is an internationally acclaimed T-20 cricket tournament, which has a huge audience base all over the world. Over the last three seasons, it has gained a huge popularity all over the world highlighting India’s love for Cricket. People in other countries now truly believe that Cricket is a religion in India and there is no other game bigger than the game of Cricket.

Unlike other IPL teams, Pune warriors wanted to use this platform not only to show their cricketing talent but Indian culture as well. The cheer queens of Pune Warriors were not some foreigners dancing away with pompoms but they were trained Indian classical dancers promoting the Indian culture and heritage. Millions across the world appreciated this unique cheer leading squad of Pune Warriors. They were successful in displaying various classical Indian dance forms to people sitting in other countries who have less knowledge about Indian Culture and Indian Dances.

A big no coming from the CEO, Mr. Subrata Roy, to miniskirts for cheerleaders of Sahara Pune Warriors in IPL 4. Rather he wanted to stick to his roots and Indianity and go ethnic by introducing the concept of Bhartiya Nrityanganas or Cheer Queens. These Cheer Queens or “Bhartiya Nrityanganas” performed seven different classical dance forms including Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, Lavani, Manipuri, Kuchipudi and Haryanvi. The short skirts and pom-poms were finally replaced by traditional costumes and intricate hand gestures.

India’s rich culture and admirable heritage finds a new medium to reach to a global audience through IPL’s Pune Warriors.