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The Best of Mumbai’s Value-for-money Restaurants

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Mumbai is a melting pot of a very diverse range of cuisines, both regional and international, catering to a very diverse population of people with different tastes and income. The polyglot character of the city and its wealth are reflected in a dazzling array of restaurants; from the best and most expensive restaurants serving Indian and International cuisines with a fine dining approach, and round the corner some small joints and hole in the wall eateries with the most authentic flavours with a more…you can say rustic approach. Deciding where to eat out can be quite daunting with the number of options you have in any part of Mumbai.

So to help you out I’ve come up with some lists of the best restaurants in three price ranges-
$:budget/great value for money(Below Rs.200 per person),
$$:mid-range/reasonable (Rs. 200 to Rs.600 per person),
$$$:expensive/luxury restaurants (Rs.600 and above per person).

List of the Best Value-for-money Restaurants in Mumbai

Here’s a list the Best Value-for-money Restaurants in Mumbai in no particular order. [$:budget/great value for money(Below Rs.200 per person)] I personally love this list the most cos it allows you to sample the best of Mumbai’s Cuisine…the true Mumbai way and without breaking the bank!


This legendary stall is behind the Taj Mahal hotel in Colaba and serves the traditional Muslim cuisine of kebabs and paper-thin roomali flatbreads. Spread a newspaper and eat like the locals on the trunk of your taxi, or duck into the empty gallery across the street. The seekh kebab (spiced lamb patty) and boti kebab (yogurt-marinated lamb) are swift sellers, as are the rolls crammed with meat and onions. It is difficult to spend more than a few hundred rupees.

People from all levels of society seek out Bademiya for its delicious barbecue specialties. The restaurant, which is really just an elaborate food stall, has a row of tables and chairs seating around 50 people on its side walk. However, many people prefer to have their food served on the hood of their car, in a scene reminiscent of an American diner way back in the rock and roll era. The pleasing thing about this street restaurant is that it’s surprisingly hygienic. You’ll find workers wearing rubber gloves and chefs hats, tantalizingly cooking your food over flames right in front of you.

A visit to Mumbai simply isn’t complete without trying the succulent kebabs and grilled chicken from this legendary road-side restaurant. It’s some of the best street food you’ll ever have. You won’t get a better kebab anywhere else for less than $2.00!

Food: Kebabs, Grilled chicken, Baida Roti, Indian Barbecue
Location: Tulloch Road,
Tel. +91 22 22848038.

Cream Centre

Cheap and cheerful, vegetarian eatery tries its hand at Indian, Mexican, Western, Lebanese, and Italian food. Try the hot-selling channa bhatura (spiced chickpeas served with fried, puffed-up Indian-style bread) or the stuffed parathas (Indian-style flaky bread).

With a variety of delectable snacks and dishes to choose from, it has become an favourite eatery in the South of Mumbai. Must try the Chana Bhatura and Parathas. The place offers international cuisine too, but the Tex-Mex, Lebanese and Italian offerings have been customised to suit the Indian palatte. Since weekends are super busy, either make an advance booking or be prepared to wait.

Food: Vegetarian, Indian Snacks, Channa Bhatura, Parathas, Lassi
Location: Fulchand Niwas,
25B Chowpatty Seaface
Tel +91 22 3679222/ 3679333

Golden Star

This may fall under the mid-price range category as it’s not exactly cheap but it is great food and value for money at Rs 210 on weekdays for a Gujarati thail (plates with a variety of traditional dishes);and Rs 240 on Sundays.

This popular All-you-can-eat low-ceilinged restaurant serves a cuisine that comes from the cradles of Gujarat & Rajasthan. Curried chickpeas, spinach, spicy mashed tomatoes, a tart sambar soup, a variety of breads, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, a cucumber salad, a smear of chili paste, a pile of rice, a bowl of puréed Alfonso mango, among the items waiters continuously serve on metal platters.

Food: Gujarati, Rajasthani, Vegetarian Thali
Location: Opera House
330 Raja Ram Mohan Roy Rd
Opposite Charni Rd Station
Tel +91 22 2363-1983

Jimmy Boy Restaurant

A Parsee restaurant on a bustling street in Fort, this hotel has become a popular joint for families, especially Parsis, in South Mumbai. It is located close to the Bombay Stock Exchange. Jimmy Boy is a good place to sample the delicacies of one of India’s less well-known culinary traditions. The restaurant makes no concessions to modern design or styling but provides good food at the most affordable prices right in the middle of the city.

Their Salli Par Edu is one of the tastiest on the menu. A circular bed of sallis(small, thin fingers of potato fried and salted) is made, on top of which a half fried egg is laid. Both are cooked together and garnished with chopped onions, tomatoes and green chillies. When served hot, this dish can disappear from your plate within seconds. The Chicken Farcha is another delight. 2 legs of chicken coated wholly with egg ad fried with very mild spices. Parsi food does not include too may spices. The Chicken Dhansak & Chicken Jardaloo are Parsi specialties here.

Food: Parsi, Iranian
Location: 11 Bank Street,
Vikas Bldg,
Near Hornimon Circle,
Opp. SBI, Fort
Tel +91 22 22662503/22700880


This long, narrow restaurant inside Jehangir Art Gallery is another South Mumbai institution that has retained its charm and low prices in spite of its popularity. With quick, efficient service and a policy of not hurrying diners even if others are waiting, this is the perfect stopover after a day roaming the Prince of Wales museum and other local landmarks. Start with a delicious seasonal fruit juice — the guava juice is the best when it’s in season. Boti rolls (spiced meat wrapped in chapatis) rival with parathas (fried breads with a great assortment of stuffings) to satiate the taste buds along with the yummy bean-sprout salad. A stop here is a must: This is as close to home cooking as you are likely to get on a short visit to Mumbai.

Food: Parathas, snacks, coffee, juices, shakes
Location:Jehangir Art Gallery,
Kala Ghoda,
Tel +91 22 2284-8000