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The Best Chai Accompaniments in India


India is the world’s largest producer of Tea. In India Tea is the most popular beverage and is consumed as a breakfast, evening and anytime drink. The most common form of type tea is the ‘Masala chai’ prepared using a special mixture of spices that give it a unique flavour and taste. Most of the Indian tea recipes are milk based which is not so common in other parts of the globe. Usually tea leaves are boiled in water while making tea, and milk is added. Tea is also a part of the cultural norm. In India instead of alcohol Tea is offered to the visitors and often referred to as Chai-Paani.

Tea, when offered is never alone, it is accompanied by various types of snacks. Lets have a look at the best accompaniment of Tea in India


It is basically a Fried Indian Vegetable Pastries, stuffed with boiled potatoes and spices. Samosa is popular as an evening snack and is usually accompany tea. One bite of Samosa and a sip of tea. Aaaah! The taste is delicious. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it now and am sure you’ll love it.

Cookies & Biscuits :

Cookies aren’t too popular as yet. But Parle’G is one of the popular biscuit that accompany tea.

Pakore / Bhajiye:

One of my favorite tea accompaniments are the onion Bhajiye, and nothing better than the spicy onion bhajiye. In India you’ll find a vast variety of bhajiiye and pakore. Tea and pakore both go hand in hand just like icing and the cake.
Mathri : This is the popular Indian snack, In Punjab we call it Mathri/Mathi/Matar. Not sure what it is called in other parts of India. These are salty and crisp fries prepared using maida, sooji and ajwain.

Bread :

Bread is also one of the popular breakfast item in Indian households. It’s consumed in the form of toast or as in simple bread butter jam combination. And one of the most popular use of bread in India is making the Bread Pakora that serves as a delicious evening snack