As of now, there aren’t many uploaders that have the ability to upload an entire folder hierarchy of folders and photos/videos with preset settings for folders and galleries that would apply to entire hierarchy. Having this feature in your SmugMug uploader could ideally save a ton of time when organizing your files on SmugMug server or any other app.

BUT, just because there is no uploader available that replicates the SmugMug folder structure doesn’t mean you can’t really do that. I found one of the best tools to upload photos to SmugMug, automatically and keep your directory structure intact in the fastest way possible. It is as easy as clicking a few times and all your SmugMug photos/videos are uploaded to your account with actual folder hierarchy.

Like 1000s of other SmugMug users if you are looking for a quick way to upload and replicate actual folder structure to your SmugMug account, consider PicBackMan SmugMug uploader. It’s an easy to use SmugMug Uploader to completely sync a tree of folders from your computer to SmugMug. PicBackMan SmugMug uploader is automated, effortless and the fastest way to upload all your photos/videos from your computer to your SmugMug account, without costing any hard work on your part.

I just got through uploading about 1GB of Photos from my computer to my SmugMug account without worrying about timeouts, API limits, and service restrictions.

PicBackMan supports SmugMug’s 5 level folder hierarchy. As you know that in the new SmugMug, your photos are uploaded into and contained inside Galleries. A Folder can hold either galleries or up to five layers of nested folders inside it. This results in a total of 7 layers of organization i.e. TOP FOLDER > Folder > Folder > Folder > Folder > Folder > Gallery.

Like we said earlier, there is no way to upload a directory structure, but with PicBackMan, you can actually replicate your folder structure. PicBackMan allows you to upload and keep your directory structure intact. Uploading your directory structure was never this easy as it is with PicBackMan. This has been the most demanded feature that the PicBackMan team received from the SmugMug users.

PicBackMan SmugMug Uploader is the best way to publish a mirrored copy of a collection including having all of the subfolder hierarchy intact.

How PicBackMan SmugMug Uploader Works?

PicBackMan SmugMug Uploader is a lightweight app that enables you to upload all your folders and sub-folders from your computer to your SmugMug account. After you install and run PicBackMan SmugMug uploader desktop app, all you need to do is to connect & authenticate your SmugMug account. Clicking on the ‘Connect’ button in the PicBackMan interface will load the SmugMug login page. Just sign-in with your SmugMug account credentials to connect your account with PicBackMan app.

Once the connection is established, PicBackMan application interface displays your SmugMug username. Uploading photos to your SmugMug account is easy and simple. Click on ‘Photo’ tab and then click on the ‘Associate Photo Folder’ button. If your folder contains subfolders, you’ll be prompted to confirm if you want to include subfolders as well. Click ‘yes’ in order to upload the entire folder structure to your SmugMug account. Once you have associated all the required folders, checkmark against the ‘SmugMug’ icon to let PicBackMan know where the associated folders need to be uploaded. Then click done. PicBackMan SmugMug Uploader will begin the upload process, so you have your memories saved in the best possible way.

Another very exciting feature that other SmugMug uploader lacks at is the ‘migrate to other service’ option. You can easily and automatically migrate all your SmugMug photos to one or more supported services at once, that too at the click of a button.

SmugMug Uploader is a small software application that allows users to upload, download and migrate photos from your SmugMug account in the easiest way possible. For uploading, downloading and migrating photos and/or videos from your SmugMug account, PicBackMan SmugMug uploader is a powerful tool to automatically download them to your computer as well as migrate/move them to other online accounts of your choice, in no time.

PicBackMan SmugMug uploader is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. You can download it from these links: