Shrivardhan is a very important historical place mentioned as being visited by Arjuna Pandav in his pilgrimage located in coastal region of Maharashtra. It was a trading hub in ancient times around 16th and 17th century. It is also popular as the birth place of Balaji Visvanath who was the First Peshwa and deshmukh of the town. Balaji was the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire appointed by Chhatrapati Shahu. Today a small beach town, Shrivardhan is blessed with pristine beauty and some of the fabulous beaches. The most attracting thing about Shrivardhan is the long stretches of serene and striking virgin beaches. Many of these beaches are still unexplored.

If you are staying in Pune or Mumbai, these beaches could prove to be good getaway destinations. Indulge in for some quick and relaxing getaway with your family and friends. Shrivardhan beaches will not disappoint you, these are few of the best places to see around Pune, for it is blessed with beauty and tranquility by the Lord. This place is perfect as a weekend getaway trip near Pune or Mumbai. The time spent in tranquility would be cherished all life long and you would surely want to come here again and again.

How to Reach Shrivardhan Beach?

Shrivardhan is around 165 kms away from Pune and if on vehicle, you need to follow this route: Pune-Tamhini-Kolad-Indapur-Mangaon-Mhasla-Shrivardhan. However, Government buses and trains also connect the place.

Places to See near Shrivardhan Beach

Harihareshwar, another beautiful beach in the Konkan region, is only 18 kms away from Shrivardhan. Diveagar beach near Pune is also a beach destination that is near to Shrivardhan and is a lot quieter out of the other two. There are good accommodation facilities in all the three places.

Food & Accommodation Near Shrivardhan Beach

There are various hotels, lodges and resorts available all year long. So, accommodation is not a problem here. The food just like all other coastal cuisines available is rest of Maharashtra is just delicious and mouth watering. All types of sea-foods are available here and if you like, you can hand-pick your fishes and prawns from nearby fish markets (It’s a fun thing to do).