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Shopping at Laxmi Road Pune

Shopping at Laxmi Road Pune

Shopping in Pune can be an experience of its own. Pune offers wide variety of shopping options to its visitors. There is hardly anything that you won’t find in the shopping places of Pune. The city offers myriad of options sometimes even making it difficult for the buyers to choose between the available. Just have the eye for it and you will have everything you want. Pune city is a blend of Indian and Western culture making it a perfect shopping destination catering to the taste of every individual. From branded goods to the exquisite handicrafts of the state, you get it all.

Shopping at Laxmi Road Pune

One of the busiest markets of Pune, Laxmi Road is the city’s own glitter quotient. This historic, majestic and dazzling street in the middle of the old city attracts shoppers from all parts of the city round the year. This is the one-stop shopping destination which allows free bargaining from clothes, footwear, home appliances to jewelry and everything. In order to get the true shopping flavor of the Pune city just head to the dazzling streets of Laxmi Road and check out the numerous traditional as well as the fashionable stores.

Most shops here have a brand-new look having their own sets of loyal customers who would not go anywhere for shopping other than Laxmi Road. The shops are open all days a week except on Mondays as the shopkeepers prefer to take the day off. This shopping zone is located in the center of the city and hence can be easily spotted. This shopping street consists of narrow lanes and by-lanes. The roads are always packed with people and crowded. On a crowded evening you will need skills to move across the narrow bylanes in Laxmi Road. However the hustle and bustle of the street demonstrates the lively atmosphere that prevails in the city of Pune. The streets have shops on both sides of the road. You will find several shops have displayed items such as bangles, traditional Indian clothes, jewellery, kitchenware and several other articles in such a manner that you can spot them from a great distance. It is the perfect place to visit for all kinds of shopping, modern to traditional.

Laxmi Road is famous especially for its saree shops. Just visit the shops and check out the different varieties of Indian sarees like the Narayan Peth and the Pochampalli which are extremely popular among the Indian women. There are also several shops selling salwaar kameez that comes in bright colors or pastel shades either printed or in exotic embroidery work. The jewelry shops in Laxmi Road are equally renowned all over the city. You will find both modern and traditional jewelry here. All varieties from gold to silver and earthen to oxidized are available. The designs and the intricate will suit everybody’s taste. Apart from the clothes and jewelry stores, you will also get ample shoe stores and eateries gracing the road; even woolen wear and wind-cheaters on roadside stalls.

It is better not to take photographs while shopping at Laxmi Road as people might get offended. Always keep check on your bag and other valuables while shopping here. Shopping in Laxmi Road is a fabulous experience that suits your taste and fits your budget. The variety, quality and the price factor remains unmatched throughout the city.


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