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Satyamev Jayate – Truth Alone Prevails


Satyamev Jayate is a unique talk show that airs on Indian Television. Unique because it is the first show that airs on multiple private channels of Star Network along with Doordarshan’s DD National. It is also dubbed in various regional languages for maximum reach and understandability. The show also marks television debut of a popular bollywood film Star and film maker Aamir Khan.

Satyamev Jayate is produced by Aamir Khan Productions and directed by Satyajit Bhatkal. So far the show has received a positive response from the public and television critics. The show highlights sensitive social issues predominant in India.

The issues brought into limelight are female foeticides, child sexual abuse, dowry, medical malpractice, honor killings, physical disabilities, domestic violence, pesticide poisoning, alcoholism, untouchability and old age. The first season of Satyamev Jayate will telecast a total of 13 episodes. So far the topics covered in each episode are listed below

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1 – Daughters are precious- Female foeticide in India

Satyamev Jayate Episode 2 – Break the Silence – Child sexual abuse

Satyamev Jayate Episode 3 – Marriage or Marketplace – Dowry system in India

Satyamev Jayate Episode 4 – Every Life is Precious – Medical malpractice

Satyamev Jayate Episode 5 – Intolerance to Love – Love marriages and Honor killings in India

Satyamev Jayate Episode 6 – Persons with disabilities – Physical Disabilities

Satyamev Jayate Episode 7 – Danger at home – Domestic Violence

Satyamev Jayate Episode 8 – Poison on our Plate? – Pesticide poisoning and Organic farming

Satyamev Jayate Episode 9 – Think before you Drink – Alcohol abuse

Satyamev Jayate Episode 10 – Dignity for All – Cast-ism and Un-touchability

Satyamev Jayate Episode 11 – Sunset Years, Sunshine Life – Old age