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Saree – A Marvel in Indian Clothing

Saree - A Marvel in Indian Clothing

Saree, the timeless drape is a marvel in Indian clothing. It is a perfect blend of sensuality and femininity that enhances the beauty of a woman who drapes it. Saree is an un-stitched piece of rectangular cloth which is around six meters long. It gives a caring and feminine appeal to the body draped in saree. It adds lots of sparkles to the overall appearance of the woman. It has withstood the ravages of father time, seen through dynasties and battles of yore and has emerged unscathed in spite of having the hardest of trials of being done away with.

Outside India, saree is also popular as a wonder drape where lots and lots of cloth is wrapped around and the body and the female still looks so sensuous, beautiful, elegant and classy. No other attire is as graceful as a saree. Saree is more often associated with India but it is equally popular in the Asian sub continent. However, it is profoundly associated with India. The saree has a timeless appeal that’s incomparable to any other attire. The popularity of saree can never fade in India and abroad as well. The saree has gained a reputation there too. There it is defined as a classy, elegant and a fabulous piece of cloth that adorns the look of a woman and magnifies the attitude and grace making her feel proud of what she is wearing.

Many people are still amazed by the beauty and grace and also gets confused as to how to drape a saree. Well, it doesn’t take time to master the art of draping a saree. It wonderfully drapes around body extenuating the looks and the stature of the body. A saree is available in various fabrics colors , designs and patterns. One need to look carefully as what color, fabric or pattern will suit best for them. For eg. The short heighted females should avoid wearing bold and big prints. They should also avoid horizontal lines on the saree, as it makes them look even shorter. Similarly tall women should wear horizontal lines big prints and bold colors, it suites their height and stature.


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