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Revamping Bollywood – Bold is Beautiful

Revamping Bollywood

Gone are the days, when actors and actresses were hesitant to show too much skin or refused to wear ‘revealing’ clothes or changed hairstyles to get into character(instead wore quite obvious wigs!!). Also gone are the days when a hero or heroine gradually stepped into aged roles after crossing a certain age limit. And even with the new brigade of actors like Ranbir, Imran, Harman, Sonam, Deepika or Shruti, the superstars that ruled the Bollywood stage since more than a decade have not yet called it quits and are still sizzling hot. So, who dares say that Bollywood is filled with stereotypes.

The Style Quotient in Movies

Fashion statements have always been an important part of Bollywood, but nothing seemed to change a lot after the salwar churidars and ghagra cholis from ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayengi’ and though ‘Kuch Kuch Hota hai’ made mini skirts, leather jackets and sports wear a rage, it was still considered an attire for parties and pubs.

Then came the uber – cool cult movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. The movie looked fresh, and gave the word cool a synonym to calm blue color(which was the color theme of the entir movie). The highlights of the movie? Aamir Khan’s goatee, Saif’s perfectly timed sense of humor(people actually started taking him seriously) and Akshaye’s sensitive and different portrayal of a reserved quintessential guy in love with an elder woman.

And since, we have been bestowed with quite stylish and sleek movie trailers and promotions, even if the script lacks any creativity. The influence of Hollywood was always there and still is. Some movies copying scene-to-scene shots from Hollywood movies too were a pleasant sight to the eye.

So then began the trend where actors really took effort to undergo an transition in their looks. Then followed the lean and mean look by Ajay Devgan and the unkempt bearded Vivek Oberoi looking superbly hot in ‘Company’, the svelte Esha Deol and the long-haired John Abraham in ‘Dhoom’, and Salman Khan in ‘Tere Naam’.

Getting under the skin of the character

What is common between Ajay Devgan in ‘Company’, Salman Khan in ‘Tere Naam’, Saif Ali in ‘Omkara’, Sanjay Dutt in ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ or Abhishek Bachchan in ‘Guru’? Other than the fact that they all have made their characters larger than life, they have all brought about a particular style quotient in their movies.

Fast forward to 2008, the stage was scorched with the six-packed Shahrukh Khan in Om Shanti Om and Kareena Kapoor with her size zeroed, sculpted bikini clad figure in Tashan. This time, bollywood is all ready to experiment with roles, story lines and fashion. There is no more holding back. And as ‘item numbers’ and ‘style statements’ have become the need of the hour, the new mantra of bollywood is now ‘The Bolder the Better’!