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Choosing Between the Fraternal Twins

scala-vs-sunny-front view

Recently launched Renault Scala is a true copy of Nissan’s Sunny. However the front looks are a little different. Over all we can say that they are not the identical twins but Fraternal Twins. After Duster, Renault recently (on 7th September) launched ‘Scala’ the family sedan in India. Scala is a C-segment sedan launched at the ITC Maurya, New Delhi on 7th September 2012. However, critics believe that 2 out of the five promised launch are just the remakes of existing Nissan models i.e. Scala the remake of Nissan Sunny and Pulse the remake of Nissan Micra. Renault has just re-branded and re-badged the Nissan cars. May be that’s the reason Renault Pulse did not attract many consumers as Nissan Micra did.

Here are some of the pictures comparing their “looks”

Scala vs Sunny Front View

scala-vs-sunny-front view


Scala vs. Sunny Rear View

scala-vs-sunny-rear view


Scala Dashboard

Scala Dashboard


Sunny Dashboard

Sunny dashboard


Scala Rear Seats

Scala rear seats


Sunny Rear Seats

sunny rear seats


Scala Cabin Space

Scala Cabin Space


Sunny Cabin Space

sunny Cabin space