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Renault Family Sedan ‘Scala’ Hits Indian Roads

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Renault the French Car maker has kept its promise of launching 5 new cars in Indian market which they had made in 2011 summers. After Duster, Renault recently (on 7th September) launched ‘Scala’ the family sedan in India. Scala is a C-segment sedan launched at the ITC Maurya, New Delhi on 7th September 2012. However, critics believe that 2 out of the five promised launch are just the remakes of existing Nissan models i.e. Scala looks like Sunny and Pulse looks like Micra. Renault has just re-branded and re-badged the Nissan cars. May be that’s the reason That Renault Pulse did not attract many consumers as Nissan Micra did.

One point to which everyone would agree is that Scala is Sunny lookalike. that too to a greater extent. The exteriors and interiors haven’t changed much. When compared with Nissan Sunny, all you notice are some minor changes in the interiors. But yes, the front fascia is where the major transformation has taken place. Lack of innovation and creativity may hamper Scala sales as it doesn’t offer anything unique or anything better than Nissan Sunny. Its a clear case of badge-engineering.


If we talk about space and functionality, they will remain the USP of this car too as they are in Nissan Sunny. Generous rear legroom, comfortable seats with a good thigh support are exactly like that of Nissan Sunny.

The car is said to be launched in Petrol as well as diesel variants. The basic petrol version would start with a price tag of Rs.6.99 Lacs whereas the high-end model will cost somewhere around Rs.7.85. Similarly the basic diesel model will cost around Rs 8.69 lacs and the high-end model is priced at about 9.57 lacs (all prices are ex-Delhi).

Renault Scala is launched in direct competition with Nissan Sunny, Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento, Hyundai Verna and Honda City. Renault Scala features a 1.6l 16V 110hp engine. 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission are available.

So in our opinion its just another ‘caaaar’. But this time its from Renault and not Nissan.

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