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Recipe for Thekua

Need a Thekua Recipe? Here it is.

India is a land of diversities, which is well portrayed in its culture and cuisine. A land where taste changes at every 100 kms. Hence, it has a wide spectrum of food. Here we bring you an authentic Thekua Recipe from India that’s not only quick but, can be easily made at home. The Thekua recipe we listed below is most basic of Indian recipes also one of the tastiest! Trying this Thekua recipe at home is an easy way to get a delicious meal.

Here is the Authentic Thekua Recipe:



500 gm – aatta (whole wheat flour)
2 tbsp – coconut (chopped)
300 gm – jaggery (gur)
4 nos – green cardamom (peeled and mashed)
ghee (or vegetable oil)
1 1/2 cup – water
saancha (mold)


1. Mix jaggery, water, and green cardamom into a watery solution.
2. Mix 4 tbsp ghee, jaggery syrup prepared above and coconut to aatta and make dough of it same as that for making chapatis.
3. Use only as much jaggery syrup as required to make dough like the one for making chapatis.
4. Take a lump of dough (the size as that for making chapaatis), press it flat on your palm like a peda then press it against a saancha for making khajoor.
5. After the khajoor has acquired the imprint from the saancha, it is deep fried in ghee till reddish brown.
6. Ghee is strained and khajoor kept aside.
7. Serve when completely cooled.