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Rangoli Designs With Flowers – The Colors of Celebration

rangoli design with flowers

Rangoli in India is probably one of the most popular and traditional art. It is an art of painting the floor with various colors and beautiful patterns. Most of the time these designs are drawn freehand and then filled with colors. The colors used in these designs are very bright and eye-catching. The Rangoli patterns differ from region to region and state to state.

The most attractive of all (my view) is the Rangoli designs with flowers. These designs look so attractive, soothing and fresh. Almost all types of flowers in all the colors are used to create intricate designs. This art of making Rangoli designs with flowers originated in the southern state of India Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country. Today these arrangements have become a common practice across India.

The themes of the Rangoli differ from mythological to nature, to contemporary depending upon the choice of the maker. The person is free to think creatively and create his own design and style.

Normally the rangoli arrangements are made at the entrance of the house on special occasions and festivals. Rangoli is not called “Rangoli” all across the country, it has different names. In Garhwal it is called ‘alpana’, in Andhra Pradesh, it is called ‘muggu’ and is made not using flowers but soaked rice ground to make a thick paste. In Bengal it is called ‘apana’, in Gujarat, it is known as ‘sathiya, in Karnataka, it is known as ‘rangoli’ and here the designs are made using geometrical patterns. In Kerala is is known as ‘puvidal’, in Madhya Pradesh it is called ‘chowk purna’, in Maharashtra it is called ‘rangvalli’, in Orissa it is called ‘ossa’, in Rajasthan it is known as ‘mandana’ in Tamil Nadu it is known as ‘kolam’ and in Uttar Pradesh it is known as ‘sona rakhna’.

Basic steps to follow to make Rangoli:

  • Choose the design you wish to draw
  • Clean the surface area with a wet cloth and allow it to dry
  • With the help of a chalk take the center of the design and draw the design.
  • Now comes the most interesting part of the whole process. Choose colors to fill in Rangoli. Here you need to workout on various color schemes and select the best option.
  • Now comes the tedious part of the process. The outlines drawn with chalk are now to be covered by the color. Carry the color in between your thumb and index finger and sprinkle over the lines.
  • We would recommend you to start from the inner side and then move towards outer side. Carry a piece of cloth so that you can wipe off the mistakes.

There are various alternatives available to create rangoli designs:

The colors that you wish to use are available in the market. For filling, you have various options
i) You can use marble dust
ii) Sawdust
iii) Colored rice
iv) Colored sooji / rawa (semolina)
v) Flower petals and leaves
vi) Pulses
vii) Chalk powder mixed with poster / fabric color
viii) Stones (colored)


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