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Rajan – The Last Swimming Elephant in the Andaman Islands

If you have visited Andaman and Nicobar’s┬áHavelock Island before, chances are you might have heard about Rajan. Rajan is an elephant, aged 65+, famous amongst locals and returning tourist for his amazing ability to swim. Yes! he is the only elephant who can swim in the ocean. He was one of the elephants who were trained during 1970’s to swim in the ocean, helping in transporting logs.

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Today, Rajan is the world’s last and only ocean swimming elephant. During 70’s he was forced to swim to carry logs, but today he is free. He swims only when he feels like. Those who have had a change to swim with this gentle giant say that it was a truly magical experience. They were fascinated to see a five ton Asian elephant actually swimming. Rajan has entertained and stunned people around. Because of his amazing ability tourists and photographers are all willing to pay for the privilege of spending time and swimming with the world’s last swimming elephant.

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Diving or snorkeling with Rajan is a unique and enriching experience. This moment is truly magical. It’s certainly an experience, to see this large Asian male elephant (who by the way is the largest in all of the Andaman Islands), move so elegantly and almost effortlessly in the water. Rajan does dive; however there are some days were he doesn’t want to go quite as deep or have a long swim and nobody will force him to. But even on days where he is more of a walking elephant- it’s still as breathtaking and a once in a lifetime experience.

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