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R.K.Narayan: The Perfect Story Teller India Ever Had



One of the most famous Indian writers in Indian English writing, R.K Narayan was born in 1906 in Madras. He was educated in Mysore and settled there for over half a century. Narayan created the enthralling fictional world of Malgudi through his several novels and short stories which fascinated his readers throughout the world and also millions of Indian Television viewers, who saw TV shows of the of many Malgudi stories. His famous works are ‘ Malgudi days’ and ‘ Swamy and his Friends’. Narayan has a humorous way of presenting life around him. He was appreciated all around the globe as the perfect narrative story teller in India then.

Swami and Friends

The first creation from the R.K.Narayan had made the readers across the country completely astonished due to his story narration and the way of the story writing. The novel was named Swami and Friends. The present novel was set in the pleasant vicinity of the Malgudi after which the novel and stories were named. The publication of Swami and friends earned the huge fame all over the world as a Novel writer and as great story teller, since then there was not looking back in his career of producing enthralling piece of writing. Narayan captures the bitter sweet experience of childhood in this colonial India when India was ruled by the British. The story tells the story about the ten year old boy growing in the colonial India, in the town of Malgudi in the 1930s. This is an example of the best creation that has come from the Naryan which has made Narayan the only writer to capture the essence of India.

My Days: Autobiography of the R.K.Narayan

I am inclined to call this the last chapter, but how can an autobiography have a final chapter? At best, it can not only be a penultimate one; nor can it be given a rounded-off conclusion, as is possible in a work of fiction.” So begins the last chapter of My Days, the only memoir from R. K. Narayan, hailed as “India’s most notable novelist and short-story writer”. this was said about the graet wroter in the New York Review.he was sort of genious born in india to take the novel writing to the hights of eternity and ecstacy.

In his usual winning, humorous style, R. K. Narayan shares his life story, beginning in his grandmother’s garden in Madras with his ferocious pet peacock. As a young boy with no interest in school, he trains grasshoppers, scouts, and generally takes part in life’s excitements. Against the advice of all, especially his commanding headmaster father, the dreaming Narayan takes to writing fiction, and one of his pieces is accepted by Punch magazine (his “first prestige publication”). Soon his life includes bumbling British diplomats, curious movie moguls, evasive Indian officials, eccentric journalists, and “the blind urge” to fall in love. R. K. Narayan’s larger-than-life perception of the human comedy is at once acute and forgiving, and always true to it.