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Quick Facts about Pune

Quick Facts about Pune

Quick Facts about Pune

Located in the western state of Maharashtra, at an altitude of around 559 m above sea level, Pune is the eight largest city of India and one of its most important IT hubs. It is known by many sobriquets – a few popular being ‘Oxford of the East’ because of the high concentration of educational institutes in the city. The city boasts of having some of the best institutes in India, ranging from management schools to medical colleges. Pune is also known as ‘Detroit of India’ because of a large number of auto manufacturers in Pune. The city is also known for its various cultural activities and job opportunities that attract students from all over India and abroad making the city an amalgamation of multiple cultures and communities.  It is one of those rare cities with a twin image: that of a tradition-bound place, generally considered the quintessence of Maharashtrian culture and that of a modern industrial metropolis. In the following lines, I have provided some interesting facts about Pune, India.

Following are some Quick Facts about Pune

  • Pune has the highest number of software companies in India – 212, followed by Bangalore – 208, Hydrabad – 97.
  • Pune has experienced highest record of growth within a span of 20 years.
  • Pune houses the National Defence Academy (NDA) is in Khadakvasla.
  • Pune has produced the maximum international sportsmen in India for all sports next to Mumbai & Delhi.
  • Pune is also considered to be the fashion capital of the east.
  • Pune is also known for its traffic density in India.
  • Pune police has earned the reputation of being second best in India after Bombay.
  • Pune records the highest number of two wheelers in the world.
  • Pune has produced the highest number of professionals in USA. Almost 60% of the Indian population residing abroad is from Pune (except Gulf).
  • Pune is also known to have produced maximum number of scientists for several high profile prize nominations.
  • Pune is famous for three things: Software Professionals, Girls and Dogs.
  • Pune has only 38% of local population,Marathi. Hence a true cosmopolitan with around 20% North Indians,10% Tamilians, 14% Telugus, 10% Keralites, 8% Europeans (Koregaon Park), 5% Africans, 2% Bengalis and 6% a mixture of all races.
  • Pune also has the highest number of government organizations and public sectors in India.
  • Pune has 21 engineering colleges, which is highest in the world in a given city. Pune University has 57 Engineering colleges affiliated to it, which is also the highest in the world.
  • Pune has the highest number of pubs in Asia.
  • Pune also has highest number of cigarette smokers in India.
  • Pune University has highest number of students going abroad for higher studies taking the first place from IIT-Kanpur. Pune University degree is recognized on Par by Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
  • Pune is the only city in the world to have commercial and defense Airport operating from the same strip.
  • The city of Pune is the also the 8th most populous city in India among metropolitan areas. It is also the administrative headquarters of both the Pune division and Pune district.



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