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Popular Snow Ski Destinations in India

Popular Snow Ski Destinations in India

Skiing is an adventure winter sport popular all over the world has made its way to India as well. This sport was brought to India by Europeans and it has now become a favorite winter sport for the people of the subcontinent. Though the sport is just decade old in India but every year it attracts millions of tourists from all parts of the world. India, in winters, has become a hot destination for adventure sport lovers. Another thing that makes India a hot skiing destination are the picturesque surroundings. Beautiful landscapes, bright white snow, majestic mountains, tall pine trees and various such things. In short India provides all important ingredients of adventure stuffed with excitement, thrill and enthusiasm.

Skiing is a sport for passionate, adventurous and fearless people. In India the best skiing destination lies in the Himalayan region. It provides vast slops covered with thick layer of snow during winter and these snow lines attract the skiing enthusiasts from all parts of the world. Amongst all the other skiing destination in India, Uttaranchal is the one which provides an array of ski resorts. The hills of Uttaranchal are packed with adventure, excitement and thrills. Uttaranchal with unexplored valleys, sky kissing peaks, cascading rivers, snow covered mountains, abundant of flora & fauna and vast regions of lush greenness is a delightful place for all types of tourists. The region also provides immense opportunities for adventure sports like skiing and the enthralling water sports which make Uttaranchal an ideal destination for adventure seekers.

Following are the popular Ski destination in India :

Gulmarg : Located in the divine valley of Kashmir, Gulmarg is by far the most popular skiing destination in India. Gulmarg is the premium ski resort of India that provides utmost thrill and excitement to ski lovers. Situated at an altitude of 2730 m, this tourist destination lures its visitors with extensively large and best equipped winter sports opportunities. Gulmarg being a hot tourist destination is very well connected to rest of India by means of rail, road and air. You can get frequent flights from Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Leh, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Srinagar is the nearest airport.

Manali : Kullu Manali together is a very popular tourist destination in India. It is famous as one of the best Honeymoon Destination as well as winter sport destination. The best time to visit Manali is between October and February i.e. the winter season in India. It is a small hill station located in Himachal Pradesh which is a state in the northern region of India. Manali is also popularized as a favorite destination to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Each year end hundreds of visitors gather here to celebrate Christmas and New years eve with a bang. Skiing is one of the most exciting activity you can indulge in. Sliding down the sloppy mountains which are covered in a thick layer of snow is a mythical experience. The view of vast and widespread snow fields of Manali would keep you spellbound.

Auli : Auli is a small but a renowned winter sport destination in Uttrakhand India. It is a very popular destination for skiing. It is a little difficulty to get to this ski village which requires an overnight camp to reach from Delhi (500 km) the nearest major airport but the effort is worth it when there is a lot of snow. The nearest airport is Dehradun which is about 298 kms away from Auli. Being a popular skiing destination, Auli is well connected through roads. Various transport facilities like buses, hired jeeps and taxis connect Auli to different cities like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun and Delhi.

Rohtang : The most popular skiing track in India is located in Rohtang. Rohtang is located at an altitude of 3978 m and is one of the most difficult pass to cross. Ski lovers can enjoy an extended season here as the skiing tracks are available in winters and autumns as well and that makes it a favorite among all the other.

Kufri : Kufri is a small town near Shimla. It is located at a distance of 13 km from Shimla. Kufri has a Himalayan Wild Life Zoo which hosts rare Antelopes, Felines and Birds including Himalayan Monal, the state bird of Himachal Pradesh. During winter a meandering path through the potato plantations turns into a popular Ski track.

Narkanda : Another very beautiful and picturesque tourist destination located in Himachal Pradesh is Narkanda. The calm and pleasing ambiance attracts thousands of tourists each year. The town gets covered in thick layer of snow in winters and thus attracts various winter sports lovers. Narkanda offers a range of slopes for adventure skiing. Narkanda is situated at an altitude of 2700 m and is a famous skiing destination. The skiing season starts here from December end and lasts till March. It is a destination for all ski lovers from beginners to professionals.


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