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Places to Visit in India – The Top 10 Sweet Capitals of India

Places to Visit in India - The Top 10 Sweet Capitals of India

India is one big nation in terms of culture, traditions, land, population and cuisine. The food map of India has a long list of culinary delights from every region. One can not think of listing them all at one place. Indian love sweets, be it in form of desserts r even the evening snacks. It is believed that an Indian meal is incomplete without sweets. There are certain specialty sweets that hail from one particular place. We can refer these places as sweet capitals of India. So, following is a list of top 10 sweet capitals of India.

  • Agra – Famous for Petha :

    Just like The Taj Mahal, Petha is another popular thing associated with Agra. It is a very popular Indian sweet made from white pumpkin. It is a long process to turn a pumpkin into a delicious sweet. It is a low fat and low calorie dessert available in about 50 variations. The most popular being, angoori petha, Mango petha and cube petha.

  • Almora – Famous for Bal Mithai :

    Bal Mithai is a famous sweet originated in Almora district of Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand in India. The sweet is prepared from roasted Khoya (evaporated milk cream) similar to chocolate fudge like texture coated with small sugar balls. Baal Mithai is made by cooking khoya (evaporated milk cream) with cane sugar, until it becomes dark brown in color, colloquially called “chocolate” for its color resemblance. This is allowed to settle and cool, and cut into cubes which are then garnished with small white sugar balls

  • Delhi – Famous for Laddu :

    It is the most common sweet in India. A must for each and every occasion. No celebration in India is complete without Laddu. Though it is very difficult to track the originating place of laddu, the laddu’s available in Delhi are a must have thing when in Delhi. Some of the Old shops in Old Delhi serve some delicious Desi ghee laddu varieties like Motichoor ke Laddu, Kesar Laddu etc. Shops located in Old Delhi like Bikaner sweets, Ghantewala or Kaleva in Gol Market are famous for the ubiquitous Laddus.

  • Jodhpur – Famous for Mawa Kachori :

    The mawa kachori is basically stuffed puri. The stuffing of a mawa kachori consists of mawa i.e. evaporated milk cream. After stuffing the kachori is deep friend in ghee (clarified butter) or refined oil. Then is is dipped in sugar syrup for about 5 – 10 minutes and then it is decorated with silver foil. A trip to Jodhpur is meaningless if you miss eating this local delicacy. It’s a must have sweet when in Jodhpur.

  • Kolkata – Famous for Sandesh :

    Kolkata is another very popular destination for sweet lovers. It is a hub of various milk based sweets. The world famous sweet named Rosogulla comes from West Bengal. Another popular sweet that hails from Kolkata is Sandesh. It is prepared by Chhenna (curdled milk) or paneer instead of milk.Nakur, Bhim Nag, Makhon and Nalin Sarkar are some of the shops in Kolkata. “Makha” sandesh hails from Bardhaman district.

  • Mathura – Famous for Peda :

    The divine city of Mthura is not only a spiritual destination in India but it is also a place where you get lip smacking Peda. Peda is a milk based sweet which is prepared from mawa (evaporated milk) and sugar. The Pedas available here are one of a kind that you won’t get anywhere else in The world. Peda of Mathura and Vrindavan are light brownish in color and tastes delicious.

  • Mysore – Famous for Mysore Pak :

    Maysore pak is another delicious sweet very popular in whole India. It hails from Mysore city which is also a popular tourist destination. The sweet was first created in Mysore palace kitchen and was named after it. The sweet is prepared from Ghee, Sugar and Besan (gram flour).

  • Pahala – Famous for Roshogolla :

    Pahala is a small village in Orissa between Cuttack and Bhuvaneshwar on NH 5. surprisingly this is the place where Roshogulla actually originated and not Kolkata. Roshogullas available here are slightly different from the ones available in Kolkata. Here the roshogullas aare little creamy, soft and less spongy as compared to their Kolaka variant.

  • Pune – Famous for Shrikhand :

    Shrikhand is a very popular Marashtrian Delicacy popular all over India. The Dish is prepared from thickened curd flavored with Cardamom and sugar. Chitale bandhu mithaiwale’s shop at Sadashiv Peth is the best place to taste authentic Srikhand in Pune.

  • Puri – Famous for Khaja :

    Khaja is a very popular sweet that originated in Puri, Orissa. This is the sweet which is offer to Lord Jagannath of Puri. Legends say that God himself came in one man’s dream and instructed him to prepare Khaja. is a sweet which is favourate of Lord Jagannath of Puri Orissa.