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Places to See in India – The Must Visit Destinations

places to see in India

India is surely a travel buff’s paradise. It has enormous options for any travel enthusiast right from adventure traveler, to spiritual traveler, to backpackers etc. India right from its north most point to its southern most and eastern most point to western most point is full of various such places that attract millions of tourist from across the globe.

The tourism industry in India is at boom and various places which were undiscovered before are now becoming the hotspots ……. Believe me there are still thousands of places, which are yet to discover.

Following are some places to see in India that are the must visit destinations when in India.

Places to See in India : Beach Destinations

Goa & Kerala : The two small states of India are the most exotic beach destinations in India, and has some of the best beaches of the world. Their beaches are world renowned for their pristine beauty, tall coconut trees, and white sand and natural landscapes. The best part of Goan beaches is the wide array of water sports and the best part of Keralan beaches is the beautiful green surroundings.

Places to See in India – The Architectural Wonders of India

India is one nation which has a rich, beautiful and magnificent past which is now can be seen in the ancient buildings, museums etc. Some of the historic buildings of ancient India still stand high and well maintained. They represent the historic sagas of the rich ancient past. Some of such sites to visit are The Majestic Taj Mahal, Forts of Rajasthan, Temples of Khajuraho , The Nalanda University, Konark Sun Temple, Meenakshi Temple, Balaji Temple etc.

Places to See in India – The Hill stations

India has some of the beautiful Hill Stations and most of which were established during the British Rule. These hill stations were the Summer Capitals for the Rulers, where the family can enjoy a pleasant stay away from the heat and hustle-bustle of city life. The most famous out of all the other hill stations are Simla, Darjeeling, Ooty, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar , Coorg and Kodaikanal.

Places to See in India – The Magnificent waterfalls

The tropical regions of India, in monsoon, turn into the waterfall valley. If you drive down to Lonavla, Khandala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Coorg etc., you’ll find various small streams turned into the beautiful waterfalls. Some of the major ones can be seen in deep forests near Kerala, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh etc. The Jog waterfall is India is the tallest waterfall in India. Chitrakoot waterfall, also known as the Niagara fall of India, is the widest waterfall of India.

Places to See in India – The Spiritual Destination

Spirituality is so synonymous with India that when it comes to spiritual travel the first place that comes to our mind is India. Haridwar, Ujjain, Benaras, Amritsar, Tirupati balaji, Rishikesh are some of the best spiritual places in India.