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Pathankot – A North Indian Travel Hub


Pathankot is a famous city in Gurdaspur district which holds a strong presence since partition. Pathania Rajputs use to rule Mirpur princely state and name it Pathankot even before the british took hold of Pathankot. It is believed that India left Lahore (for Pakistan) and chooses Pathankot because of its geographical value. Pathankot is located at the northern Punjab which holds a significant value to Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu’s travel. Not only it’s a travel hub but since partition it also house Indian Defense hub for Indian Air Force, Indian Military and other para-military forces.

Pathankot is situated at the foothills of Dalhousie and Kangra which offers a spectacular and picturesque spots. If you have to travel towards Himachal Pradesh then you have to take the national highway from Punjab. Being at the border of Punjab and at the center of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu it is now serving as a travel hub for all.

Those interested in visiting Chamba Valley, Dalhousie, Kangra Valley, Jammu & Kashmir, Vashno Devi, Udhampur, Amarnath or even Udhampur need to stop at Pathankot and take diversions. Due to increasing visitor from all across India, Pathankot city has seen a drastic change and the tourism industry is flourishing like crazy.

Transport System of Pathankot:

Pathankot is very well connected with rest of the India. If you are traveling by Train then you can take direct train to Pathankot or Chakki Bank (Outer Station for Express trains). However the condition of roads is not great but improving with time. Pathankot Airport also receives daily flight from Delhi via Indian Airlines. Pathankot is well connected by Bus routes and buses from HP, JK, Punjab, Delhi and Haryana comes very frequently. You will find a mini train which starts from Pathankot towards many small cities of Himachal Pradesh. Traveling by these mini trains is very exciting and fun.

Distances from Pathankot to

  • Dharamshala – 100 km
  • Dalhousie – 70 km
  • Amritsar – 100 km
  • Palampur – 100 km
  • Chamba – 100 km
  • Jammu – 100 km
  • Hoshiarpur – 100 km
  • Kangra -100 km
  • Jalandhar – 100 km all in different direction from Pathankot.

Major Attractions In Pathankot:

Pathankot is surrounded by Shivalik Range foot hills of the Himalayas. There are many olsd temples to see like Ashapurni Mandir, Lakshami Narayan Mandir, Kali Mata Mandir, and Bhagwan Shiri Satya Sai Baba’s Mandir. Another thing to see is the British-era Churches, Gurudwaras and an ancient Mosque. Pathankot is a true blend of all the religions of India.

1. Nurpur Fort:

Pathania Rajputs built Nurpur Fort more than 900 years ago which stood still till the earthquake of 1905. Nurpur Fort house Lord Krishna Temple, known as the Temple of Bris Raj Bihari. This temple is one of the major attractions of Nurpur Fort. After that powerful earthquake Nurpur Fort still offers ruins which are also good for sightseeing.

2. Shahpur Kandi Fort:

Just 7 Km. away from Pathankot, Shahpur Kandi Fort which is situated in Himalayan foothills and besides river Ravi was built in 16th century. Shahpur Kandi Fort offer picturesque backdrops and has now become a popular rest house. Those traveling towards Himachal Pradesh by road can take an exciting stop for Shahpur Kandi fort and enjoy its beauty, view and rich history.

3. Ranjit Sagar Dam:

Although, travellers need special permission to visit Ranjit Sagar Dam (also known as Thein Dam) situated at the bank of Ravi River, still Ranjit Sagar Dam provides excellent view and picturesque hilly regions. Ranjit Sagar Dam Project is very ambitious project of Punjab Government which provides job to thousands. The Dam is one of the highest Earth Fill Dam of India and is having the biggest Pen Stock pipes in a Hydel Projects. The dam is also the highest gravity dam in Asia

4. Shiva temple Kathgarh :

The ancient Shiva temple Kathgarh is about 25 km from Pathankot, to reach this ancient temple, you need to go via Indora (HP). Indora is about 20 km away from Pathankot and from Indora the temple is about 5 km away. It is believed that during “Naag panchami” the gap between two idols i.e. Shiva & Parvati decreases and on Shivratri the gap is increased. No one knows as to how this happens but it happens on its own and is not less than a miracle.

5. Mukteshwar Temple:

The temple is about 18 – 21 km away from Pathankot. The Mukteshwar Temple, that lies in the way to Ranjit Sagar Dam. The temple is situated on the banks of Ravi River. There are some caves and is believed that during Mahabharata the Pandavas stayed here for a night during their agyatvas. The temple is also known as Mukesaran Mandir. Each year in the month of April on the occasion of Baisakhi a carnival is held known Mukesaran da Mela.

6. Nagni Temple:

The temple is situated at a distance of 30 – 35 km from Pathankot. This temple is dedicated to Nagni Mata, the goddess who protects people by snake bites. The temple is located in Himachal Pradesh. The distance from Nurpur Fort to Nagni Temple is just 8 – 10 km. In the month of August a huge fair is held on Saturdays.

7. Mamoon cantt

Mamoon cantonment is the Asia’s largest military station.

8. MalikPur:

Malikpur is the Asia’s foremost Hydraulic Research Station at the Upper Bari Doab Canal. It is a place where various models of dams and irrigation canal are made before actual construction starts.