Not sure whether to eat Onion or not? Well, I have done a lot of research on this topic and written the following article which might just help you to know all about Onion and the Health benefits of Onion. Surprisingly, there are many health benefits of eating Onion. Some we know and there are plenty that we don’t. So, here’s a quick glimpse about how Onion on daily basis can help you improve your health and fitness.

Something About Onion

Onion is known as a tastemaker. The raw onions taste a little different than other veggies and have a pungent odor which might just put you off but it’s totally worth it. Onions belong to allium family like shallot, chive, garlic, and leek, as Chinese onion being its close relative. Onions contain sulfur compounds which cause your breath to stink and makes your eyes water. But other than that Onion is loaded with innumerable nutritional compounds like Iron, Folates, Vitamin B6, Potassium and Vitamin C. The best part about onions is it contains a very low amount of calories and high amounts of nutrients. Onion gives a sharp taste and a nice aroma when added to your meal. Something which many of you don’t know is, onion is available in plenty of colors like red, white, purple and yellow contains all the nutrients. Onion is widely used as a major ingredient for many of the cuisines all over the world.

Some Onion Facts

  • Did you know that the ancient Egyptians worshipped Onions? Yes, it was believed by ancient Egyptians that concentric rings and spherical shape of the onions were symbols of eternity.
  • The sulfur present in onions leads to a painful sensation to your brain due to which your eyes water while chopping an Onion.
  • You can peel or cut an onion without crying if you cut the root end last and if the onion is cold or you cut it while holding the onion under cold running water.
  • More than 450 trucks on Onions are consumed every single day.
  •  If you eat onions you can get rid of onion breath by eating parsley.
  • Onion can reach 1 to 4.5 inches in diameter. Heaviest onion ever recorded had 10 pounds and 14 ounces of weight.
  • Crushed onion can be used for polishing of silverware and other metal objects.

Nutritional Value of Onions

Onions by fresh weight, they are 89% water, 9% carbs and 1.7% fiber, with tiny amounts of protein and fat.







Fats- 0.1g


Vitamin C-Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. It’s involved in many body functions, including the formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth.

Thiosulfinates-Sulfur-containing compounds that may inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms and prevent formation of blood clots

Folate– Decrease risk of birth defects. Adequate folate (or folic acid) intake is essential during pregnancy to protect against miscarriage and neural tube defects in the fetus.

Sulfur-compounds- Mainly sulfides and polysulfides, which may have protective effects against cancer.

Vitamin B6– Vitamin B6 in your diet is of great significance. This water-soluble vitamin is helpful in treating a vast number of problems related to the heart and skin, as well as depression, fatigue, the nervous system and much more.

Quercetin-An antioxidant flavonoid that may lower blood pressure and improve heart health.

Potassium-Getting enough of potassium can help your heart in many ways: Better blood pressure: A diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fat-free or low-fat dairy foods can help cut systolic blood pressure by more than 10 points in people with high blood pressure.

Anthocyanins- Only found in red or purple onions, anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants and pigments that give onions their reddish color.

How are Onions good for you?

Onions may look small and smell creepy but every layer of Onion is packed with numerous health benefits. Like discussed above Onions come with immeasurable nutrients and plenty of health benefits and Onions have always been beneficial since their existence. So let’s just get deeper into the subject and check how astonishingly Onion is beneficial to your health.

Health Benefits of Onion

  • Onions are good for hair growth due to the high amounts of sulfur content in them.
  • A spoonful of Onions juice and a little honey to it help in treating Cough.
  • Onions help to cure Insomnia.
  • Onions are also known as a magical wound healer. Applying some raw Onion juice will help you heal the wounds faster in a natural way.
  • Onions maintain the Heart Health.
  • The rich compounds of sulfur help you keep your liver healthy.
  • Due to the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in onion. It is very good for treating dandruff.
  • Onions provide good relief to upset stomach as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Onions are known as Immunity Booster. Onions have carminative properties, antimicrobial, antiseptic properties which help in preventing and curing different types infections.
  • Onions help in maintaining Blood Sugar levels.
  • Onions prevent Iron deficiency called anemia.
  • Treats Acne- By applying the mixture or Onion juice and honey, it will help you treat swelling, pain, and redness associated with acne.
  • Onions help Fight Cancer due to its high amount of quercetin and anthocyanin which help in controlling the growth of cancer cells.
  • Onions promote Healthy Diet due to the fiber content included in it.
  • Onion is immensely a great source of Flavonoids-Flavonoids are a set of compounds known as anti-oxidants which helps to resolve the oxidative damage to the cells of your body.
  • Onions Maintain Bone Health.
  • Onions Prevent Inflammation & Other Allergies.
  • Onions help to Cure Ear Disorders.
  • Onions Promote Respiratory Health.
  • Onions are a very good source to maintain Oral Health.
  • Onions contain a compound called rutin, which can help prevent Blood Clot.

Health Benefits of Onion Seeds

The Botanical name of Onion seeds is Nigella sativa. It originated from the Mediterranean area and is cultivated in Northeast India, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. It has many many health benefits. So let’s have a look.


  • Prevent Diabetes-The first and most important function of onion seed oil for health is its power to prevent diabetes. The effectiveness of this oil for diabetes is well known. It is beneficial for both management and prevention of diabetes.
  • Fights Acne-Sweet lime juice and onion seed oil together can fix many skin problems. For every cup of sweet lime juice, you’ll need about half a teaspoon of onion seed. Apply the oil twice a day on your face and watch your blemishes and acne disappear.
  • Treats Asthma, Cough and Allergy-Asthma and other breathing problems are common among people of all ages, and it is more prevalent among kids and elderlies.
  • Keeps a Check on Diabetes-This is probably one of the most known benefits of onion seed oil. If you already have diabetes, onion seed oil can also help to manage it. Take half a teaspoon of the oil in a cup of black tea every morning, and see the difference in a few weeks.
  • Cures Joint Pain-Arthritis is one of the most painful age-related diseases that affect the majority of elderly people, and it can affect both men and women. Onion seed and onion seed oil can relieve joint pain caused by arthritis, but how do you use Kalonji oil for joint pain treatment?
  • Gets Rid of Headaches-One of the most common urban problems in today’s time is headaches. Instead of popping a pill, rub onion seed oil on your forehead, relax, and wait for your headache to disappear. Nothing like natural home remedies.

Health Benefits of Onion Juice

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss onion juice in your diet.

  • Consuming Onion juice is very beneficial for burning sensation. The juice can be consumed with a spoon of honey mixed in it. This will provide immense relief to the person who is suffering. It is recommended that the person consuming the juice shall try and avoid eating or drinking anything for the next one hour.
  • Onion Juice plays an important role in keeping our digestive mechanism in place.
  • Onion juice promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.
  • Onions also nourish your skin and make it beautiful by making your skin healthy.
  • Onion Juice is regarded as a natural source that helps in controlling the choelestrol levels in your body.
  • Regular consumption of onion juice will also help you in maintaining the blood sugar level.

Health Benefits of Onion Juice and Honey

Combination of Onion juice and honey is a great mixture and comes with a lot of health benefits.

  • Onion juice contains anti-inflammatory in nature, so the active compounds can reduce the redness and swelling that is commonly associated with skin conditions like acne.
  • Onion juice is one of the best home remedies for thinning hair and hair loss. Its sulfur content improves blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair regrowth.
  • Onion juice mixed with honey or olive oil is said to be the best treatment for treating symptoms or signs of acne.
  • It helps to promote a healthy diet.
  • It also promotes weight loss.
  • The combination of honey and onion juice is one of the best home remedies for a cold and common cough.

Health Benefits of Onion Leaves

The bright and green Onion leaves, also known as scallions or spring onions, contain a wide variety of health-enhancing compounds like vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

  • Onion leaves are very rich in vitamins including Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, and thiamine. They also contain Vitamin A and Vitamin K. In addition, these are good sources of copper, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, chromium, manganese and fiber
  • Spring onions are a strong source of flavonoids such as quercetin.
  • It keeps your heart healthy.
  • It is very good and natural way to increase fertility in man by increasing the sperm count.
  • Spring onions are loaded with high levels of vitamin C and vitamin K, both of which are essential for normal functioning of bones. This helps to increase the bone fertility.
  • Well-known for anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, spring onions are one of the most commonly used natural remedies to treat viral infections, flu, common cold, etc.

Few ways to have Onion

Here are few amazing and tasty ways to add Onion to your diet.

  • Onion Soup- Finely chop an Onion, sauté it in olive oil until it turns soft. Cover with enough broth for four bowls of soup; simmer 15 minutes. Fill bowls and top each with baguette slices and Swiss cheese. Broil just until melted.
  • Use Onions in Salads- Add chopped Onions with other veggies like tomato, cucumber, some curd and salt to taste.
  • Prepare Onion spring rolls-Hosting guests? A spring onion roll makes a great swizzle stick as a welcoming stater.
  • Prepare Onion rings- Amazingly crisp, the secret to these light onion rings is an easy two-step process. A quick dip in a lightly oiled skillet, followed by a short bake in a hot oven, produce just the right texture and color–minus all the grease.
  • Add Onions in Sanwitches.
  • Add diced Onions while cooking vegetables, as onions add a great taste when added with other veggies.


Onions are one of the prime and well-known veggies. So forget the Onion price and give them someplace in your life. By adding Onion to your daily diet, help yourself to stay fit, healthy and happy. 🙂