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Onasadya: The Lavish Onam Feast

Onasadya- The Lavish Onam Feast

Onam is the state festival of Kerala, celebrated throughout the state, country and world wide with great religious fervor and enthusiasm. Onam is known as the festival of harvest. According to the legends it is the returning celebration of mighty king Mahabali who once ruled the region with honesty and great esteem. The festival of Onam is marked by several rituals, socializing, dance, games, fair and a lavish feast. The traditional feast popularly known as ‘Onasadya’ is an integral part of the festival that is organized by people irrespective of caste or any community barriers. The grand and the sumptuous feast of Onam is held in a methodical manner. The delicious spread of delicacies are served in banana leafs. The leaves need to be placed in a particular way and the dishes are to be served in a definite pattern. The serving of foods on the leaf begins from the left with ‘Upperies’ or the deep-fried dishes at first. Read on for some of the most popular delicacies prepared and relished on the festival of Onam.

Onam special delicacie

  • Avial

Avial is a delectable dish of Kerala. It’s a mixed vegetable recipe. The dish is easy to prepare and tastes awesome. This nutritious and fulfilling dish is served hot as a side dish and goes well with all the rice varieties.

  • Coconut chutney

Coconut is a vital ingredient of almost all the Kerala dishes. Coconut is used in almost every dishes starting from breakfast, main course vegetables to deserts. Coconut chutney is a very popular item that can be served with all most all dishes. Coconut sauce or ‘thenga chutney’ is very commonly prepared coconut dish of Kerala to be served with the delicacies on the festival of Onam.

  • Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is one of the most popular south Indian recipes all over the world. Prepared exotically with fermented batter of Rice and Urad Daal along with the stuffing of mashed potatoes, the dish is extremely nutritious and fulfilling. The preparation takes a little time but taste is worth it.

  • Moru Curry

Kerala is famous for its scores of curry varieties. One of them is the delicious Moru Curry. This is basically a yoghurt curry very popular in Kerala and prepared commonly on the occasion of Onam. The preparation of the curry takes very less time and effort and serves as a perfect accompaniment with rice and its varieties.

  • Pesarattu

A number of dosa varieties (Indian Pancakes prepared out of flour) are made in the southern region of India. Pesarattu is unique amongst them. Prepared with moong dal, Pesarattu is a very healthy and nutritious dish. It’s an easy-to-make snack item, served with coconut chutney.

  • Dry Fruit Kesari

Kerala is also popular for its sumptuous sweet dishes. One of them is the Dry Fruit Kesari, a very delicious and popular sweet dish of Kerala. It is prepared in a manner similar to that of North Indian ‘Rava Halwa’.

  • Tomato Rasam

Besides Sambhar which makes a very popular side dish with dosa and idli, Rasam prepared with tomato and other vegetables is another item that is inseparable from the menu. It’s a very popular south Indian dish served with rice.

  • Kozhukattai

Kozhukattai, also known as ‘Modak’, is another popular recipe of Kerala. The dish is also commonly prepared on ‘Ganesh-chaturdashi’ as it is considered to be a favorite dish of Lord Ganesha. It is basically a sweet dish prepared with sweet items stuffed into flour dough and steamed over high flame. Kozhukattai, as it is popularly known in Kerala is especially prepared on the festival of Onam. The dish takes little time to prepare but the taste makes it all.