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New Age Meditation Resort in Pune, Osho International Commune

New Age Meditation Resort in Pune, Osho International Commune

India is a spiritual country and is a perfect destination for people seeking spiritualism. India should always top the list of spiritual destination across the globe. It is also popular as the land of sanyasis and abode of deep spiritual and meditational practices being followed since time immemorial. There are various meditation Gurus who guide you through whole process of meditation. The number of meditation centers is increasing just like seekers.

India has become a hub of Meditation center in recent years. People from all parts of the world come here searching for some recreational spiritual and meditational activities. Amongst all the other meditational resorts in India, one of the most talked about meditation resort is the Osho International Commune. This center is located in Pune; the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Koregaon Park Pune is the exact location where Osho Meditation Center is located. Koregaon Park is the most happening place in Pune city. A large portion of the population here is of the foreign origin. And Majority of these foreign national have come here for meditation at Osho Ashram.

The Osho International Commune is a new age meditation center that works on its own principles and theories. These theories have always been a subject of debate amongst the believers and non-believers. Chandra Mohan Jain, also popular as Osho, Acharya Rajneesh and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the year 1974, established the Osho Ashram in Koregaon Park Pune. The centre is located about 150 Km southeast of Mumbai and is spread over 40 acres of total land area. It is a prime attraction for people who are inspired by Bhagwan Rajneesh’s ideology and philosophy.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh has thousands of followers around the world, but he is also criticized a lot for his liberal views on sex as a meditation technique. He, many times is referred as “The Sex Guru”. People here follow various stress relieving meditation techniques that include Osho dynamic meditation, Osho Nadabrahma meditation, Osho Kundalini meditation and Osho Nataraj. Tourists from almost 100 countries come here for varied purposes like esting, meditating, relaxing, rejuvenating or swimming etc.

The men are referred as ‘Swami’ and women are referred as ‘Maa’ at Osho Commune. Here you’ll find people dressed in maroon robes adorned with a rudraksha mala that has 108 beads. They meditate in groups and the main meditation hall is Buddha Center. One striking feature of meditating at Osho commune is that the participants has to pass the HIV test in order to take part in any activity inside Osho International Commune.

Despite all criticism and controversies, Osho Commune is a fabulous place to visit in Pune. If you do want want to be a participant and still would like to take a tour to the ashram, get a visitor’s pass that costs around Rs. 100 for one hour. You’ll be delighted to see the calm surroundings inside and would believe that it is definitely and Oasis.


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