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National Film Archives Museum, Pune

National Film Archives Museum, Pune

National Film Archives Museum, Pune

The National Film Archive of India was started in February, 1964 as a media unit of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. The primary aims and activities of the institute are to outline, get and preserve for the use of the heritage of the national cinema, a representative gather of the world cinema, to diversify and document data related to film, to undertake and encourage research on cinema, to act as a centre for the broadcasting of film culture in the country and to encourage Indian cinema in abroad.


The main center is at Pune, and the there regional offices are in Bangalore, Kolkata and Thiruvananthapuram. since 1969 the NFAI has been a member of FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives) and has played a role in the work of this organization.

Research Programme

Research Fellowship

The NFAI expands research and academic activities on each facet of cinema in the field of Indian film history. Researchers and students from India and abroad have entered into the film and video collection, documentation section and the library. This fellowship brings a monthly grant of Rs.2, 000 for a time of one year. Further, a contingency grant of Rs.8, 000 will be paid to travel, secretarial help, stationery etc. the project should be based on original research and could be on any subject or feature of Indian cinema – be it sociology, economics, aesthetics or history. The syllabus includes both theoretical and practical study of the history and art of film and development of cinema as a medium of art and communication. Both Indian and International film classics will be used for study and critical analysis.


Those rewarded with monograph project are allowed to a scholarship of Rs.15, 000 as consolidated charge. The project should be finished within six months of receipt of the proposal. The field of the monograph comprises biographical information on any initiating Indian film personality with a complete interpreted filmography, a resume of earlier published material relating to the artiste, a bibliography and 20 to 25 examples comprising some working skills.

Aural History Projects

Per project brings a grant of Rs.400/- per hour of recorded audio time of interview with a maximum limit of Rs.4, 000 for each film personality. First class rail fare and other expenses like tape recorder hiring charges will be repaid. The project should be based on any living original film personality and the interview reveal details of his / her career with special emphasize on the personality’s special contribution to Indian cinema, working conditions prevailing during the period and information about contemporaries and associates. A transcription of the interview should be submitted to NFAI along with the audio cassettes. A letter of consent from the film personality to be interviewed should be attached with the application form.

Film Appreciation Course

Since then NFAI has been operating as a yearly Film appreciation course of four weeks’ time in association with FTII. Candidates from different professions throughout India are pictured to the top of Indian and world cinema. Film medium, cinema as an art, film theory, film history, and the relationship of cinema to other arts are the major topics taught. The NFAI also operates small courses on same lines at different other centers in the country in collaboration with film societies, educational institutions and different cultural groups. The Annual Summer Course in Film Appreciation organized at Pune is primarily intended to gather the needs of teachers interested in initiating film study activities in educational institutions but will also be helpful for film society groups, journalists, film critics, Govt. officials operating films and others interested in film studies. The syllabus comprises both theoretical and practical study of the art and history of film and the improvement of cinema as a means of art and communication. Film classics both Indian and International will be applied for critical analysis.

  • The medium of teaching would be in English.
  • The applicant should have finished 18 years of age.
  • The course fee of Rs.6, 000 should be paid by Demand Draft in name of Administrative Officer, NFAI, Pune only after the confirmation of selection. Fees will not be refunded
  • Hostel facility will be given through FTII to those who need to benefit of the facility

National Film Archive of India,
Law College Road,
Pune – 411 004.
The picturesque area is peaceful and tranquil and closer to mother earth, in spite of being placed in nearby of the busy Pune-Solapur Highway. It can be the only place for the ‘Sadhana’, the desiring of awareness.

Graduate Programmes in Design

(Duration: 4 Years 6 Months or 9 semesters)

  • Product Design
  • Interior Space and Equipment Design
  • Transportation Design
  • Retail & Exhibition Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation Design
  • Film and Video Design

Eligibility Students who have completed higher secondary education or its equivalent are eligible to apply for the graduate programs in design. After one year of Predesign Course, students may be able to select any of the design disciplines.

Post Graduate Programmes in Design

(Duration: 2 Years 6 Months or 5 semesters)

  • Product Design
  • Transportation Design
  • Interior Space and Equipment Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Retail & Exhibition Design
  • Animation Design
  • Film and Video Design

Students who already have completed graduate level study in engineering (mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, mechatronics, chemical), architecture, interior design, accessory design or any other related disciplines may apply for Post Graduate Programmes in Design.

Prof. A. M. Chakradeo
Dean, Design Habitat.
Mr.Vinayak kulkarni
Head Admission.
E-mail: admissions@mitid.edu.in
Mr. Vijay Jagtap
Admission Officer
Human Resource
Supriya Michael
E-mail: hr@mitid.edu.in

Training and placement

Mukta Khanna
Training and placement Co-ordinator
Tel: 91-20-39210169
E-mail: placement@mitid.edu.in
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Rajbaug, Loni-Kalbhor,
India Tel: +91-20-39210183/122.