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Mumbai Attack : India’s worst Nightmare Ever


The Mumbai attack highlighted every country’s vulnerability. It brought to the surface the evil that aims to destroy all civilization, anywhere.

Mumbai, as a financial, tech support and medical tourism destination, was targeted because of an urban jihad waged against all of us who believe in freedom of expression, democracy, free enterprise and living in harmony. One of the first people killed was the chief anti-terrorist official.

The Mumbai attack is not a “tragedy”; it is a criminal act of war through premeditated murder, because a tragedy is when a young person dies unexpected from natural causes, when a person dies in an accident, when an earthquake kills innocent people in a building collapse.

Mumbai Attack Reports till date by WikiNews

According to police, at least 101 people were killed and 314 wounded in yesterday’s attacks in Mumbai, India. The attackers, who were reportedly armed with AK-47 assault rifles and hand grenades, have taken hostages at three locations.

It is still unclear how many gunmen there were, but police say that at least nine of them have been killed in fighting. CNN-IBN quoted a source as saying there may have been 26 gunmen.

Commandos with the Rapid Action Force have stormed the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower and Oberoi Trident hotels. Ten hostages have been reported freed at the Oberoi, but it is unclear how many remain. Fresh explosions were heard at the Taj Mahal, but an official said that the situation is “almost sorted out.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest one of the attackers is in custody.
“People who were held up there, they have all been rescued. But there are guests in the rooms, we don’t know how many,” said police chief A.N. Roy to Reuters.

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Terrorists Paralyze India’s Business Capital

Death Toll Mounts in Mumbai as Westerners Are Targeted; New Phase in Radical Islam’s Clash With Hindu-Majority Nation.

MUMBAI — India’s business capital was brought to a standstill as army and police continued to fight suspected Islamic militants in the heart of the usually bustling metropolis, marking a dramatic escalation of radical Islam’s war against the world’s largest democracy.

The coordinated, commando-style assault on Mumbai’s luxury hotels, its historic train station, a Jewish center and other targets began Wednesday night, and marked the most audacious in a string of terror attacks to shake this majority-Hindu nation in recent years.

Friday morning, local time – more than 35 hours after the initial attacks – Indian commandos launched an all-out push to seize the Jewish center, where gunmen still held hostages. Helicopter-borne commandos were dropped into the area. Intensive exchanges of gunfire could be heard.

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Mumbai hit: Is the worst over or yet to come?

The day progressed as usual on Wednesday 26th November, 2008. People making their way back home after a day filled with drudgery and youngsters enjoying the night out. However, little did anyone have a clue what was about to hit Mumbai.

Last night Mumbai became victim to one of the most horrendous terrorist attacks. Its prestigious hotels the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower subject to unspeakable terror.

The streets of Mumbai witnessed some senseless firing and the famous Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus station was laden with blood of innocent commuters. The heartless behavior of the terrorists did not end here. They even attacked two hospitals in South Mumbai – The Cama Hospital & GT Hospital.

World headlines today

Times of India: Mumbai attack: Pakistan’s role under scrutiny

Strategic gurus and security analysts in the US and from across the world are examining Pakistan’s role in terrorism following yet another terror episode in India ending with fingers pointed at its widely reviled neighbor.

Telegraph: Tory frontbencher arrested over leaked documents
Conservative shadow minister Damian Green arrested by counter-terrorism police officers after obtaining leaked Whitehall documents.

Guardian: Home-grown militants are prime suspects
As Indian security agencies race to work out who was behind the attacks they will be negotiating a maze of conflicting clues. If there is a link to al-Qaida it seems likely that it would be ideological rather than organisational.