Montessori Schools in Karvenagar, Pune

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There are a number of Montessori Schools in Pune located in different areas. Our objective here is to bring you the most comprehensive, updated and a complete list of Montessori Schools in Karvenagar, Pune. Our list provides detailed information like address, e-mail ID, telephone number, website etc. Montessori education is an approach developed by Italian educator and Physician named Maria Montessori. In this approach, emphasis is laid upon independence, freedom and child’s natural psychological development. Montessori Method is the only existing scientific method of education in pre-school level based on the physiology and psychology of children.

Here goes the list of Some best Montessori schools in Karvenagar, Pune:

The Tree House Preschool, Pune
SCIONS DEN, Ground Floor, 11/7, Matoshri Building
Pune 411038
Phone: +91-20-65006000, 9372464888
Website: http://www.treehouseplaygroup.net

The Tree House Preschool, Pune
Survey No 12, Dudhane Nagar, Opp Kakade City
Pune 411052
Phone: +91-20-64510054
Website: http://www.treehouseplaygroup.net