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Monsoon Getaways – One Day Trips Across Pune


What comes to your mind when you see outside your window in these monsoon days?  Is it to go out and have fun? Many of us want to enjoy monsoon but questions like where do we go? Where can we enjoy the beauty of nature? keep us demotivated.

Come let us explore some of the places wherein we can enjoy without spending much of time in traveling.
– Bhandara Mountain
– Kund Mala
– Vadeshwar waterfalls
– Kori Gad
– Bedsa caves
– Malshej ghat

Bhandara Mountain

Bhandara District, situated in the basin of Wainganga river, is gifted with rich and thick forest and water resources. It is known as the district of Ponds. Bhandara District has an area of about 9,280 sq km. The north side of the district is wedded with Satpuda mountain ranges. Balahi hills, Kanheri hills and Navegaon hills are other elevated tracts in Bhandara District. The languages spoken are Marathi and Hindi.

Kund Mala

Kund Mala as the name says is a series of ponds. Kund Mala is situated near Talegaon at a distance of 35 Km from pune. The place becomes live and a little violent during the monsoon season. You can spend the whole day at Kund mala and can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place with friends and family.


Vadeshwar is a small village near Takve in Pune district. Vadeshwar is sitauted at a distance of about 50 Km from Pune towards Mumbai. The village is blessed with fabulous waterfalls during monsoon, surrounded by lush green trees makes vadeshwar a perfect place to enjoy a day trip or a picnic spot with friends and family.


Korigad (also called Koraigad, Koarigad or Kumwarigad) is a fort located about 20 km away from Lonavla in Pune district, Maharashtra, India. Korigad is a very simple fort trek with some beautiful views of surrounding areas including some nice views of the exotic Amby valley developed by Sahara. Korigad is the best way to introduce people to hiking and treks as it has hardly 100 odd steps and is a 45 minutes trek. Korigad is near peth-shahpur village which is 35 KMs from lonavala and around 25 kms from Bhushi Dam. Lifts and local jeeps are the preferred way to reach this fort. Korigad is a famous hill fort in Pune District. It is at an altitude of 3050 feet in the Lonavala region. The base village of the fort is Peth-Shahpur or Ambyvalley. There are many popular tourist sites nearby like the Korlaidevi and Ganesh temples besides several caves and a lake. Shelter Caves is a favorite spot of visitors found half-way to the Korigad fort.

Bedsa Caves

70 kms away from Pune Bedsa caves are one of the most old in Maharashtra. These are 15 kms to the South of Kamshet railway station. The Trio kept incomplete by Karla and Bhaja is completed by Bedsa. There is a village named Bedsa near the caves. These are at the south of Raut wadi. Though a very good place to visit is not very often crowded. The beauty of these caves is best viewed in the mornings.

These caves are 1000 years old. There is a strange story told by villagers about these caves that – The details about the caves and the entire history of the caves was painted and carved on the walls of the cave. But it so happened that a Senior British Officer was to visit the caves, hence a local officer painted the entire caves and the details were lost behind the paint. The truth of this story is not yet known but still it is an interesting story to listen.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat holds special value for hikers, trekkers and adventure lovers. The nature here is at its best. No wonder then that the most exotic migratory flamingoes choose it as their monsoon abode. Close at hand is Shivneri Fort (approx 40 kms.)., birthplace of the legendary Shivaji. The unusual hill has Buddhist Caves dating to the 3 rd century and is surmounted by an important historic fort. A nice view of valleys is one of the major attraction here. One of the beauties here are many waterfalls in the hilly regions. Various waterfalls from small up to the huge ones are really worth to see.