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Mitsubishi Car Prices in India

Mitsubishi Car Prices in India6

Mitsubishi car Prices in India : In collaboration with Hindustan Motors, Mitsubishi announced the launch of 1.5-liter gasoline and 2.0-liter diesel Lancer passenger car models which were produced at HML plant in Kolkata. In 1995 the two companies signed a contract and agreed on terms that Mitsubishi would provide technical assistance to HML related to the production of gasoline engine Lancer Models. The Lancer was produced at HML’s Chennai plant and is sold through its sales network in India. The HML dealerships in India sells other mistubishi cars in India that include Pajero, Cedia, Lancer, Montero and the Outlander models.

Mitsubishi Lancer Rs.7.77 lac

  • Lancer LXd 2.0 – Sedan – 68bhp, Diesel, Manual, 12.5kpl, Rs.7,77,194.

Mitsubishi Car Prices in India1

Mitsubishi Cedia Rs.9.66 lac

  • Cedia New Sports – Sedan – 115bhp, Petrol, Manual, 10.4kpl, Rs.9,66,069.

Mitsubishi Car Prices in India2

Mitsubishi Outlander Rs.20.28 lac

  • Outlander 2.4 MIVEC – SUV/MUV – 170bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 8kpl, Rs.20,28,380.

Mitsubishi Car Prices in India3

Mitsubishi Pajero Rs.20.35 lac

  • Pajero SFX 2.8 – SUV/MUV – 118bhp, Diesel, Manual, 8.46kpl, Rs.20,34,626.

Mitsubishi Car Prices in India4

Mitsubishi Montero 2009 Rs.38.84 lac

  • Montero 2009 3.2 Di-D AT – SUV/MUV – 165bhp, Diesel, Automatic, 7kpl, Rs.38,84,469.
  • Montero 2009 3.2 Di-D MT – SUV/MUV – 165bhp, Diesel, Manual, 8.1kpl, Rs.38,84,469.

Mitsubishi Car Prices in India5

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Rs.50.16 lac

  • Lancer Evolution X – Sedan – 294bhp, Petrol, Manual, Rs.50,15,844.

Mitsubishi Car Prices in India6


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