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Mini Cooper in India Set to Launch by 2009

Mini Cooper in India Set to Launch by 2009

LEADING LUXURY car makers, BMW, plans to roll out their premium classic small car Mini Cooper in India. The much-awaited MINI Cooper will hit the Indian roads in 2009, the Senior Vice- President (Importer Market) of BMW Group, Dr Kay Segler, has said. Talking about the MINI Cooper in India, the company says that it is not just a car, but also a brand altogether, and therefore a feasibility study is a must.

BMW’s MINI in India

MINI Cooper in India will not be assembled locally, but will be imported completely and will carry the price tag between Rs 25-30 lakhs. German luxury car maker BMW AG said it is likely to introduce MINI cooper in India in two cities only considering them to be the biggest markets for this brand.

Mini Cooper in India

“If we would launch the Mini Cooper in India, (it) would be only in two markets—specifically Delhi and Mumbai,” said Peter Kronschnabl, president of BMW’s local unit. India is a market, in which small cars have been synonymous with inexpensive cars. BMW, however, hopes that MINI Cooper in India could be a third car for high net worth Indians with a love of the high life.

So if you would like to own one of these prestigious BMW MINI cooper in India, be prepared to shell out anywhere between Rs.25 – 32 lakhs.

Mini Cooper Performance

Four engines here for the Mini – a 1.4-liter petrol with 95bhp, a 110bhp 1.6-liter diesel, a 120bhp 1.6 and the 175bhp turbocharged 1.6 for the MINI Cooper S. The 1.4 petrol is achingly slow. Press the throttle pedal and there’s none of that whoosh of acceleration the old 1.6 One used to give. Plus there’s little torque so you’re forced to hunt around the six-speed ‘box looking for some power. The 1.6 is much, much better. However the diesel bestows its torque very generously, making it handy for frugal overtaking.

Mini Cooper Driving Experience

The new Mini rides and handles superbly, soaking up small and long amplitude bumps and lumps like a car with twice the wheelbase. Mid-corner bumps don’t faze it, and you can squeal around a hairpin with the same confidence as a long 80mph sweeper.

Mini Cooper Space

The new MINI Cooper is only 60mm longer than the old one and barely any wider so space is still tight. Those sitting in the back need to be small because legroom is limited and access can be awkward.

Mini Cooper Build quality

The new Mini has an interior that clunks and thunks more convincingly than before. Where the old Mini’s silver-finished plastic stalks felt brittle, the new car’s ones are soft-touch with a BMW’s damped tactility.

Cooper S

It may not look it, but the new MINI Cooper S has grown up. It rides, turns in and holds a line better than the old car and mid-corner bumps don’t faze it. You can squeal around a hairpin with the same confidence as a long 80mph sweeper. The new 1.6 turbo is also sweeter to rev.

Mini Cooper Variants in India

– Mini Cooper
– Mini Cooper S
– Mini Cooper Convertible
– Mini Cooper Countryman

Engine options for Mini Cooper in India

– 1.6 litre petrol engine
– 1.6 litre turbo-charged petrol engine

Mini Cooper Prices in India

– Mini Cooper – Rs. 24.99 lakhs
– Mini Cooper S – Rs. 27.99 lakhs
– Mini Cooper Convertible – Rs. 29.99 lakhs
– Mini Cooper Countryman – Rs. 31.99 lakhs

Above mentioned prices of Mini Cooper are Ex-showroom.


Mini Cooper S and Mini Cooper in India are launched in the premium hatchback segment. The BMW Mini Cooper in India is a four-door hatchback which is not just a visual delight but quite fun to drive as well.

MINI Cooper Specifications

  • Engine: 1.6 liter diesel and petrol engines.
  • Kerb Weight will be 1165 kg.
  • Dimensions: Length of 3723 mm, Width of 1913 mm and Height of 1407 mm.
  • The petrol variant will have power/torque 122bhp/16.3kgm whereas the diesel variant will have 112bhp/25.5kgm.
  • The vehicle is expected to be priced at Rs.12 lakh.
  • The expected launch in India would be around mid 2012.

Whatever be the price tag, Mini Cooper in India will surely win hearts and will be a dream car for many Indians.