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Mercedes Benz E-Class, A Byword for Comfort, Safety and Elegance


For over 60 years now, the letter E has been synonymous with comfort, safety and elegance. It’s a tradition which the new-generation E-Class is proud to continue.

The new E-Class is a byword for comfort, safety and elegance. Thanks to more powerful engines and DIRECT CONTROL for the steering, transmission and suspension it is also more dynamic than ever before. Trailblazing safety comes in the form of PRE-SAFE

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Mercedes Benz E-Class is available in four variants – E240 AT, E270 CDI, E200 K Classic, and E200K Elegance. The new E-Class Merecedes is unmatched in engineering, refinement and luxury.

Mercedes E-Class has several innovative features. The driver and passenger airbags are equipped with two-stage gas generators. The triggering of the two activation stages is governed by the severity of the accident. The newly designed 4-link front suspension contributes to a more precise wheel location and minimum road roar and tyre vibrations.

E-Class Mercedes has ‘Soft Stop’ and ‘Brake drying’ features. ‘Soft stop’ diminishes the slight jolt that can be felt as a car comes to a halt. ‘Brake drying’ removes the moisture from the brake discs when the windscreen wipers are activated, ensuring shorter stopping distances.

The Essence of Comfort

Comfort of the highest order is a defining attribute of the E-Class. The standard-fit THERMATIC / THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system, for instance, provide a pleasant atmosphere for the occupants, while the comfortable seats make for an extremely relaxing ride.

Automatic climate control
In the E-Class the standard-fit THERMATIC automatic climate control system maintains the temperature you have set – separately for the driver and front passenger.

The THERMOTRONIC luxury automatic climate control system is available as an option, which divides the interior of the E-Class into four individually controlled temperature zones. A computer processes large amounts of sensor data to achieve this, e.g. measurement of the degree of sunlight entering the car. A four-quadrant solar sensor controls the air flow and temperature depending on the sunlight’s angle of incidence for each of the four zones in the interior. A multifunction sensor also monitors the air humidity and the level of pollution in the outside air. Where necessary, recirculation mode is activated automatically.

Seat comforts:
The optional memory package allows up to three different settings to be memorised for the driver’s seat (or the two front seats), the steering column and the exterior mirrors. These can then be called up by pressing a button.

What better way to enjoy the comfort of the E-Class than with your favourite music: the Audio 20 radio with CD player comes as standard.

Technical Specifications:

DIMENSIONS E240 AT E270 CDI E200 K Classic E200K Elegance
Length 4818 mm 4818 mm 4818 mm 4818 mm
Width 1822 mm 1822 mm 1822 mm 1822 mm
Height 1402 mm 1402 mm 1402 mm 1402 mm
Wheelbase 2854 mm 2854 mm 2854 mm 2854 mm
Tyre size 225/55 R 16 225/55 R 16 225/55 R 16 225/55 R 16
Turning circle dia 11.4 mm 11.4 mm 11.4 mm 11.4 mm
Ground clearance 123 mm 123 mm 123 mm 123 mm
Kerb weight 1605 kg 1695 kg 1605 kg 1605 kg
Trunk Volume 540 litres 520 litres 520 litres 520 litres
ENGINE E240 AT E270 CDI E200 K Classic E200K Elegance
Engine Displacement (cc) / No. of Cylinders 2597/V6 2685 / 5T 1796 / 4S 1796 / 4S
Power (bhp) / Torque (kgm) 167 / 22.9 173 / 43.3 158 / 22.5 158 / 22.5