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Leh Palace, Ladakh : A forgotten Monument

leh palace

The majestic Leh palace rises from the edge of a hill overlooking rest of the Ladakhi Himalayan town of Leh. The mesmerizing palace is located in the Himalayas and was built in the 17th century by King Singe Namgyal as the royal residence and still belongs to the royal family that now lives in the Stok Palace. Leh Palace, once a captivating site is now in a disappointing condition but the glory has not faded at all and still has that mystical feel.

The Leh Palace structure is huge; it is a nine storey building where the upper floors were occupied by the royal family and the lower floors were used as storage rooms and stables. The Leh Palace is now in ruins but is currently being restored by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The roof of the palace provides a panoramic view of the whole valley and is open to public. Right above the palace is the Victory tower, built to commemorate the victory of brave Ladakhi soldiers over the invading armies of Balti Kashmiris in the early 16th century.

Today, the palace serves as an office for Indian Government’s Archaeological Conservation Organization. The palace displays an excellent example of the medieval Tibetan architecture. The massive buttressed walls and wooden balconies are the exciting features of the Tibetan architecture.

The palace was ruined and was massively destructed by Kashmiri cannons during the war. Today, the sight attracts many tourists round the year and is one of the favorite tourist destination for adventure lovers.