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Kovalam Beach, Kerala: In God’s Own Country


Kovalam Beach is located in the state of Kerala in South-India on the Arabian sea and is one of the famous beaches in southern India. The beach is a small town located near the city of Tiruvanthapuram (or Trivendrum) which is one of the bigger cities in this state which is also known as the god’s own country. Discovered by the European guests in the 1930’s this beach was then formally realized as a tourism attraction and still remains one of the most famous beaches in India. Moreover, the beach is not singular, I n that there are three beaches located in the vicinity and are ideal for swimming and enjoying the tropical paradise that is Kerala.

Initially a small fishing village, this town has slowly developed to become one of the most visited beaches in India. Kovalam came into the spotlight because it was a safe haven for hippies in the 1970’s and the shallow waters provided the opportunity for tourists to enjoy this fringe of Arabian Sea that has many private luxurious resorts for tourists as well as locals.

Beaches: Light House Beach: There are three major beaches in this small town and the most famous of them is the light house beach which is the largest of the three beaches here. The light house beach is renowned for its 35 meter high light house which is located on top of a hillock called Kurumkal hillock. The common feature of all three beaches is that they have shallow waters for about a hundred meters and are crescent shaped which is one of the unique characteristics that is rarely found anywhere.

Hawah Beach: This is the second largest crescent shaped beach among the three and was one of the famous topless beaches in India for European travelers. However such beaches are almost banned in India but this beach still remains one of the attractions for European and Israeli tourists. The topless beaches are now only limited to privately owned secluded resorts which are legal; however, the splendor of this beach is still intact and numerous tourists from India and abroad throng this place to enjoy the sun and the sand.

Samudra Beach: The northern fraction of the beach is called as Samudra Beach and a large peninsula divides this stretch from the southern region. Samudra Beach does not have tourists swarming there or chaotic trade. The neighboring fishermen pursue their employment on this piece of shore. The sands on the beaches in Kovalam are in some measure black in color due to the existence of thorazite and ilmenite . The common tourist season is from September to May. Moreover another small coast called the Ashoka beach is also the part of Kovalam beach.

There are a numerous beach resorts near Kovalam. The sea port of Vizhinjam is about two miles away and well-known for its extraordinary varieties of old Hindu temples, fish, gigantic churches. The planned International Trans shipment Terminal at Vizhinjam is also near Kovalam.

Kovalam was among the most important sightseeing places in India during the hippy period. It still has a high standing among travelers, and is finding a fresh importance in the light of numerous Ayurvedic salons, and healing and rejuvenation resorts which offer a wide assortment of Ayurvedic cure for vacationers and travelers alike.

Thiruvananthapuram: Thiruvananthapuram or also known as Trivandrum is a city located about two miles from the Kovalam beach and is one of the major cities in this southern state of Kerala. This city is the capital of the state of Kerala and is frequented by businessmen, sea traders and is also a paradise for foreign tourists. Located on the west coast of India close to the extreme south of the mainland this city was called as the “Evergreen city of India” by Mahatma Gandhi. The metropolis is located on the west coast of India, and is surrounded by Arabian Sea to its west and the Western Ghats to its east. This city is strategically located so that it provides easy access to neighboring beaches and the airport is conveniently connected to neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka and Maldives which are second to none when it comes to beautiful sea shores and relaxing ambiance. There are several temples, beaches, ports, and museums that dot the scenic landscape of this town that is the launching pad for a trip through places and attractions comparable to paradise.