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Jog Waterfalls -The Tallest in India

Jog waterfalls

Jog waterfalls are the tallest waterfalls in India and in Asia as well. These waterfalls are situated about 380kms away from Bangalore, Karnataka. They are located on NH (National Highway) 206 that connects Honovar to Tumkur. The village where this fall is situated is called Kargal Village. The height of the Jog Waterfalls is 830 feet. There are four cascades of the fall known as Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket. There are various waterfalls in India that fall from high altitude and Jog waterfall tops that list. It is also called as “Gerusoppe falls”, “Gersoppa Falls” and “Jogada Gundi”. These Falls are one of them. Jog falls also known as the untiered waterfalls in India because unlike other waterfalls they fall directly without streaming on the rocks.

The nearest city Shimoga is about 100 kms away from Jog waterfalls. Shimoga is very well connected by roads from Mysore and Bangalore. The western ghats of the city gives rise to the Sharavati rives and it becomes the main water source of this fall. The falls are surrounded by lush green forest which makes it a scenic spot. This is a very close encounter with the Mother Nature.

The names given to the four streams falling down have a reason associated with them. While looking at all the falls you can make out the main trajectory and that main trajectory is the Raja . The Roarer stream because of the loud and tremendous amount of noise it creates while falling down. The Rani because of the movements that resembles a female dancer.

Monsoon is the best time to see the waterfalls in their utmost beauty. To see huge voluminous amount of water falling from such a height is an experience of a lifetime. Rainbows are created every now and then. If the sluice gates of the Linganmakki dam are closed, you can take an adventurous walk to the bottom of the gorge.

Tourist information:

Best time to visit:

The best season to visit the waterfall is from August to December as the fall is in its full swing. The weather is astonishing and the lush green forest is just mesmerizing. It is a place where on one hand you experience the calmness of the surroundings and on the other hand you experience the wildness of the fall at one time.

How to reach:

  • Nearest Bus Stations – Jog, Sagara. Buses from Bangalore can take you to Sagara and then a local bus from Sagara to Jog.
  • The Nearest railhead is at Shivamogga. From Shivamogga you can heir a car / taxi to Bangalore and then can catch a bus to Jog.
  • The Nearest Airports are Hubli, Mangalore and Belgaum airports.


Nearest best place to stay is Shimoga the district headquarters. The falls are 100 km away from this place. You can also stay at Jog fall as there are some budget hotels of Youth hostel and KTDC. Accommodation available at the cost of Rs 600 to 700 per day for a family or a group of people (7 to 8 members). Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available. Another place near falls is Sagara which can be another option to stay. This place is about 30 km away from Jog waterfalls. There are frequent bus services between Shimoga and Sagara and you might get a direct bus to the falls as well.


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