Eye is one of the most important sense organs of our body. It enables us see the world and the beautiful things in it. But, unhealthy habits can ruin your eyes and increase the risk of serious eye problems as you get older. To prevent this, you must stick to healthy diets and habits. There are many fruits and vegetables that are good for eyes. One of them is tomato. Is tomato good for your eyes? Yes, slices of a tomato not only enhance your salads, but also improve your eye health. Consumption of tomato boosts your nutrients intake that provides benefits to your eyes. Read on to know it more in detail.

Why is Tomato Good for Your Eyes?

  • Vitamin A is absolutely essential for your eyes and is found abundantly in tomatoes. The retina of our eyes relies on this vitamin for its proper functioning.
  • Lack of vitamin A negatively affects your eyes, as it plays an important role in light cycle. It is a process where retina detects the light and sends visual signals to the brain.
  • Vitamin A in tomato can also inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria in our eyes and protect them from any infection.
  • Another advantage of vitamin A in tomato is that of maintaining eye moisture. It also helps in the treatment of dry eye syndrome.
  • Is tomato good for eyesight? Yes, vitamin A in tomato keeps your vision in perfect condition, and even prevents night blindness.
  • Tomato also prevents various eyes disorders,┬ásuch as eye minus, cylinders, cataracts and glaucoma.
  • Presence of┬álutein and zeaxanthin in tomato benefit your eyes. They filter the light entering our eyes, especially removes blue light rays that are potential for damaging our eye tissues.
  • These nutrients also delays the age-related damage of retina, which leads to cataract formation and macular degeneration.
  • Tomato is also a good source of lycopene that neutralize free radicals and prevent it from harming your cells and tissues.
  • Tomato provides vitamin C and copper that are beneficial for your eyes. Copper helps in the production of melanin that gives black pigment to your eyes.
  • The vitamin C found in tomato are powerhouse of antioxidants that fight free radicals and protects your eyes from age-related disorders.
  • Tired eyes may lead to dark circles and puffy eyes. Because of its cooling effect, keeping tomato slices on your eyes will help you get rid of this problems.


Well, it turns out that, tomato is indeed good your eyes in robust condition. The benefits of tomato for eyes not only improves your vision, but also helps you keep its surrounding in a healthy condition. So, are you taking it regularly? Do it, now.