Liver, the body’s primary cleansing system, regularly remove toxins, burns fats, purifies the blood, and keep the body clean. What will happen if this system breaks down? The toxins will accumulate in the body and lead to several diseases. And, that doesn’t sound really good. Adding certain fruits and vegetables in your diet can keep the liver healthy and boost its function. One among them is radish, a root crop which comes in several color, including white, purple, and black. Do you know why is radish good for your liver? Read on to know more about the benefits of radish for liver.

Why is Radish Good for Liver?

  • Radish regulates the production of bilirubin and bile, cleanses, and maintains the overall function of liver.
  • Radish contains enzymes, such as myrosinase, diastase, amylase, and esterase, which make the liver free from infection, and even prevent liver ulcers.
  • Over production of bilirubin in liver can lead to jaundice. Radish helps to stop the production of bilirubin and eliminates it from the liver.
  • Radish can also pacifies the production of red blood cell, which has been disrupted by the jaundice.
  • In addition to maintaining the health of the liver, radish aids in eliminating toxic substances, and thereby improves the urination process in our body.
  • Radish is diuretic i.e., it increases the production of urine, even prevents the burning sensation one might develop during urination.
  • Radish has anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore cures inflammation, inhibits urinary infections, and thereby improves the function of our body, including the liver.
  • Presence of vitamin C, folic acid, and anthocyanins in radish have also shown to prevent the development of cancer in liver.
  • Overweight could be a sign of improper functioning of liver. Radish are low in carbohydrates, contains high roughage and water, which reduce hardened fat deposits, and thereby ease the liver function.

Radish, indeed prevents you from liver damage and has been proven to be good for liver patients. It has warm and stimulating effect that regulates the proper function of liver, and plays a major role in detoxification. So, if you want to keep liver damage and toxins at bay, add radish to your healthy diet.