Potatoes are famous for fries, baked, mashed form and been the integral ingredient of most of the Indian dishes. Benefits of applying potatoes on your face is definitely a lesser-known beauty tip. They work wonders on reducing dark circles. Discoloration of skin around the eyes is commonly referred as dark circles or dark rings. Lack of sleep, working for long hours in front of the computer, and changing of hormones can result into ugly dark circles. Recently, potato is known to be a remedy for dark circles. Find out why is potato good for dark circles and save your visit to the dermatologist.

Why is Potato Good for Dark Circles?

  • Potatoes can stay cold for longer period of time and treats swelling of skin and dark circles under the eyes.
  • The coldness of potato also reduces the inflammation of vessels underneath the eyes, and thereby lowers darkness and tired appearance.
  • Exposure of raw potatoes to air, produces a natural bleaching effect that lightens both the skin and the dark circles.
  • Potato provides antioxidants, including vitamin C and other nutrients to the skin that combats discoloration like dark circles.
  • The vitamin C, enzymes and starch in potato help too nourish and moisturize the thin skin around the eyes.
  • Presence of essential nutrients and antioxidants in potato make the skin smooth, firm, and relieves the darkening of eyes.
  • Is potato effective for dark circles? Yes, the ability to stay cold works more effectively on dark circles than cucumber.

How to Use Potato for Dark Circles?

There are many ways to use potato to lighten the skin and make the bruise-like dark circle to fade.

Potato Slices for Dark Circles

Raw potatoes are really good for dark circles. Slice the potato, place them in a cold water and refrigerate for half an hour. Once they are chilled, dry them with a clean cloth and place the slices over your for 10-20 minutes.

Grated Potato for Dark Circles

Instead of slices, you can grate the potato, wrap it in cheese cloth or gauze, and set the cloth on your eyes. This take the shape of eyes and can be placed more easily than the slices.

Is Potato Juice Good for Dark Circles?

Yes, fresh potato juice works better than the slices. Extract the juice from grated potato, refrigerate it. Once the juice cools down, soak two cotton balls in it and apply them to your eyes. Leave it for 20 minutes, then remove the cotton balls and wash off with cold water.

Those were the benefits of potato for dark circles. It turns out that potato are more effective than the cucumber slices that we regularly use. Ensure to use freshly cut raw potatoes for these treatments. Moreover, a healthy diet, proper sleep, less stress and regular exercise will anytime nullify the appearance of dark circles.