Okra, commonly known as lady’s finger and as Bhindi in Hindi, is one of the most favorite vegetables around the world. Besides its popularity for unique taste, okra provides numerous health benefits. It helps in controlling several serious health issues. If you are wondering, is okra good for diabetes? Then, the answer in yes. Consuming okra in moderation might not completely cure diabetes, but it has positive impact on blood sugar level, and thereby controls diabetes. Keep reading to discover the benefits of eating okra for diabetes.

Why is Okra Good for Diabetes?

  • Okra is a rich source of fiber, which is essential part of dietary plans for diabetes. Intake of fiber improves glycemic control, and even insulin sensitivity.
  • Stress can be one of the causes of rise in blood sugar level, and managing stress level is important for managing diabetes. Okra has antioxidants that provides anti-stress effects in the bloodstream and can be used to reverse the effects of diabetes.
  • Diabetes is often associated with unhealthy cholesterol level which harm your body further. Presence of antioxidants and fiber in okra helps in lowering the cholesterol level.
  • Okra also ensures a diet of healthy cholesterol levels which is good for diabetes sufferers.
  • Diabetes may lead to fatigues and decrease the recovery time of our body for any cuts, bruises, pain and infections. Studies say that okra can improve the recovery time and fatigue levels.
  • Research on okra for diabetes has shown that okra is beneficial for people suffering from type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

How to Use Okra for Diabetes?

Do you know how to prepare okra for the treatment of diabetes? There are several recipes for okra that have positive effect on diabetes. We have list down the recipes that makes okra a home remedy for diabetes.

Okra Water for Diabetes Cure

This is one of the easy ways to use okra for diabetes. The okra water is also referred to as okra tea and okra juice. Preparation of the okra water can be done in the following ways:

  • Soaked Okra or Okra Juice for Diabetes: It helps in relieving the symptoms of diabetes. For this, put okra pods in water and soak them overnight. It is quick way to derive the benefits of okra for diabetes.
  • Boiled Okra or Okra Soup for Diabetes: Another form of okra water that does not need to be left overnight is boiling it. Simply cut the fresh okra and boil it with water for 10-12 minutes. Once it cools down you can enjoy it by adding a pinch of salt. Consuming the okra slime can prevent the blood sugar spike, and thereby protect you from diabetes

How to Eat Okra for Diabetes?

We have seen how to drink okra for diabetes in many different forms. Now, let’s see how it can be eaten.

Raw and Fresh Okra

Did you know simply munching on the raw okra can help you curb diabetes. Yes, it’s true. You can cut off both the ends of okra as they do not provide much benefits, and munch on it.

Fried Okra for Diabetes

In case, you are looking for something that might provide you benefits and simultaneously satiate your palate, then this is the best option. Cut the okra in size that you prefer and saute it in oil. You can sprinkle salt and black pepper over it.

Cooked Okra

Okra is one of the most common vegetables in India. There are numerous recipes and ways to cook it. It is either cooked with other vegetables or alone that curbs your hunger and treats diabetes as well.

Okra Peel for Diabetes

If okra water is not meant for taste buds then switch to its peel. You shred the peel of okra by using a grater and consume half a teaspoon of it to get the benefits.

Okra Powder

For this, okra seeds are first dried and ground to powder. Taking it as a supplement for diabetes is beneficial.

Pickled Okra for Diabetes

Another variation of consuming okra is its pickle. It softens the peel and replace the bitterness of okra pod with sour taste.

Frozen Okra

When the season is off, we switch to frozen okra from the fresh ones. It might be a next bet to the fresh okra, but frozen and canned products won’t give the similar benefits as the fresh ones.

Roasted Okra Seeds for Diabetes

This is a traditional diabetes medicine in Turkey. It has shown to have positive lowering effect on the blood sugar level.

These were the benefits of okra for diabetes. Consuming a moderate amount of healthy foods can definitely keep the diseases, including diabetes at bay and make you healthy.