Winter is here, so is the dry and frizzy hair. The winter takes up all the moisture from your hair, dry out the scalp, accumulates dandruff, and causes loss of hair. Are you turning the world upside down to find the solution to these problems? It might be right at your kitchen, being delicate and purely white. Yes, we are talking about eggs! Why is egg good for your hair? You’ll have to read this informative short article to find out the benefits of eggs for your hair.

Why is Egg Good for Your Hair?

  • 70% of the egg contains keratin protein that works wonders on your hair.
  • Egg provides essential nutrients for your hair, which includes zinc, iodine, selenium, iron, and phosphorus.
  • Egg is good for hair, especially in winter as it moisturizes the scalp, and relieves dry and damaged hair.
  • The rich protein content of eggs not only softens the hair but also provides strength and shine to it.
  • The proteins and nutrients present in egg makes it one of the best hair foods. It enhances the rate at which hair grows, helps in regrowth of hair, and gives you beautiful long locks.
  • Eggs have a nourishing effect on the scalp that strengthens the hair roots, combats hair loss.
  • Eggs are used in hair treatment because they contain an important compound called lutein that improves the elasticity of the hair.
  • The lutein content in egg also prevents breakage of hair, split-ends, and thereby improves the texture of the hair.
  • Vitamin E and B found in eggs prevent damage of hair and promote healthy hair.
  • The keratin protein in egg is good for hair fall, as it heals the damage of hair faster and promotes healthy structure of the hair.
  • Another advantage of this protein is that, it provides shine to your hair.
  • Is egg good for dandruff? Yes, a combination of egg and yogurt is the best remedy for dandruff.
  • Eggs contains vitamin A that help you reduce dandruff.

Which Part of the Egg is Good for Your Hair?

  • Whole Raw Egg: The whole egg is good for your hair as it helps you extract benefits from both the whites and the yolk. It is the maximum source of keratin protein.
  • Is Egg Yolk Good for Hair: The egg yolk contains lesser protein than the whites, but it is a powerhouse of fatty acids that promotes well-being of the scalp, which thereby reduces dandruff and conditions dry hair.
  • Is Egg White Good for Hair: Abundance of proteins of eggs are found in egg white. It promotes healthy hair growth and lowers excess production of oil in the scalp.

So, people with oily hair can go for white, and if you are looking something for nourishing the dry hair, then you can try the yolk. The whole egg is beneficial for your hair and is an integral ingredient for both homemade hair products and industrial ones. So, when are using it to tame your tresses and to get beautiful hair?