Are you fed with constipation? Wondering, is yogurt good for constipation? If yes, then let me tell you that I have done a lot of research on this particular topic have the research suggests that yogurt can actually relieve constipation. Surprisingly, probiotic yogurt can significantly reduce frequency defecation like abdominal pain and defecation pain associated with constipation. Though all the dairy products contain low fiber content they do not cause constipation. There can be various other reasons for constipation. It is really painful to pass the stool from the body for the person who is suffering from constipation. So let’s make your stool to pass easily with the help of yogurt and check is yogurt good for constipation? in detail.

Is Yogurt Good For Constipation?

Not all yogurts are created equal, so buyer beware. The type of yogurt you eat could bind you up or help you go. Many commercial yogurts are made with lots of constipating sugar, which is not what you need. However, plain organic yogurts and even homemade plain yogurts can provide a good amount of probiotics that increase regularity. So let’s check the benefits of probiotic yogurt in detail.

  • The advantage of yogurt for constipation overcomes all other milk products as it is one of the well known probiotic food.
  • Yogurt helps and nourishes the useful bacteria present in the gut that aids proper digestion.
  • Yogurt contains a bacteria called as lactobacillus which helps to relieve the adverse gastrointestinal problems and makes your stool to pass easily from your digestive system, preventing constipation.
  • Probiotic yogurt also contains galacto-oligosaccharides which can remove the root cause of constipation if consumed regularly.
  •  Probiotic yogurt has the ability to ease digestive woes.
  • Probiotic yogurts and other cultured dairy products contain a strain of friendly bacteria which is known as Bifidobacterium lactis, which is said to help regulate the digestive system and prevent bacteria.
  • Yogurt also boosts your body metabolism which helps in easy digestion. As we all know that poor body metabolism can be one of the major factor causing constipation.