Not sure whether to have cashew for thyroid or not? Well, the facts mentioned below will help you to understand better. Individually, there are many benefits of cashew when it comes to thyroids. Some we know and there many that we don’t. We have done a lot of research and mentioned everything in this post. So, let’s investigate and find out is cashew good for thyroid?

Health Benefits of Cashew for Thyroid

  • Cashew is a rich source of iron. It also consists of selenium. Both of these minerals help in controlling thyroid.
  • Zinc is one on the major content found to be present in cashew nuts. This zinc helps your body to prevent from thyroid.
  • Cashew nut is a rich source of Vitamin C which promotes a maintained health and helps you fight the battle against the thyroid.
  • The minerals found in cashew nuts are the most vital nutrient for thyroid health.


Having cashew nuts in moderate amounts can be beneficial for thyroids without any side effects. Make sure that you do not consume these nuts in an excess amount. Because anything that is consumed more than normal can be harmful to your health. So stay healthy, fit, disease free and happy.